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On December 2, China Plastics price index reported 755.62 points, up 3.74 points from the previous trading day; China Plastics spot index reported 910.27 points, up 4.75 points from the previous trading day

I. upstream express:

OPEC's negotiation in Cairo failed to reach any consensus on how to improve the utilization level of non-ferrous metal materials. Whether OPEC's December meeting will reduce production has also become a suspense. In addition, the sharp decline of US stocks reflects that it is difficult for the economy to recover in the short term. On Monday, European and American crude oil futures plunged again to less than US $50 a barrel, a new low in three and a half years. At the close of Monday, West Texas light oil January futures on the New York Mercantile futures exchange was $49.28 a barrel, down $5.15 from the previous trading day, the lowest price since May 23, 2005, with a trading range of 49 $62

Asian market: with the recent consolidation and operation of the domestic market, the crude oil fluctuated and the supply of goods continued to be tight, traders' confidence in the future market improved slightly, the downstream demand was general, and the market demand was slightly active after being slightly silent in the short term

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

about 80% of Shanghai chlor alkali PVC started this month. The new price of this month was raised yesterday, that is, about 6100 yuan/ton of spot exchange was sent around each model, and 6200 yuan/ton was accepted. When using the experimental machine, the transaction price operators must use it according to the process specification of the manual. There is basically no inventory, and the delivery of goods at the new price is not clear

The price of PVC delivered from the warehouse at the beginning of this month is 590 yuan/month, and the price of PVC delivered from the warehouse at the beginning of this month is 590 yuan/month. Since QSP is less than 1050 yuan/month, the price of PVC delivered from the warehouse at the beginning of this month is 590 yuan/month

the PVC plant of Shandong Xinfa chemical is basically started at full capacity, and the price is subject to the market. At present, the local ex factory quotation is 6300 yuan/ton, and the spot exchange price is 100 yuan/ton lower; The downstream demand is poor and the shipment is average. The production expansion of 400000 tons in the later stage is being carried out in an orderly manner

Tangshan Sanyou PVC plant has been started as a whole. At present, the main production of the enterprise is type 5, and the local ex factory quotation is about 6300 yuan/ton. In the later stage, the enterprise has the intention to change some devices to VCM monomer production. The actual situation should be determined according to the market situation and needs to be paid attention to

III. market situation:

the return at the weekend coincides with the beginning of the month. Affected by the rise of the periphery, the quotation of PVC production enterprises in Shandong has also increased one after another. At present, the factory quotation of type 5 is mostly accepted at 6300 yuan/ton, but there is some resistance to this price in the downstream, so the transaction remains to be observed; However, at present, the enterprises in Shandong are not under full load, so the inventory pressure is not large for the time being

the PVC market in Qilu Chemical City is basically stable today. The quotation in the morning: s700 goods are less than 6200 yuan/ton, S1000 including tax is 6250 yuan/ton, qs1050p including tax is 6150 yuan/ton, and the supply of goods is still small

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