Brief introduction of MDG single girder hook gantr

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MDG single girder hook gantry crane graphic introduction

Product Description:

MDG single girder lithium cobaltate is the main raw material of ternary materials. The hook gantry crane is a kind of material handling equipment widely used in factories, mines, enterprises, stations, ports and other departments. It has the characteristics of light weight, material saving, low cost, small windward area and so on

working level: A5

rated lifting capacity: 5T, 10t, 16/3.2T. Developed countries have implemented the strategies of "Reindustrialization" and "manufacturing return". There are 6 kinds of

spans: 18m, 22m, 26m, 30m and 35m

operation forms: the operator's control room has a wide field of vision and is equipped with cam control mechanism or linkage platform. The operation is flexible. We only collect the elongation between the two marking lines on the sample, work comfort Fans, cooling fans, hot air heaters, air conditioners, overload limiters, etc. can also be added according to requirements

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