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"Advanced customization" in the polyurethane industry: meet the personalized service "advanced customization" in the polyurethane industry: meet the personalized service "September 8, 2008"

[China paint information] in the clothing industry, the top clothing development stage is "advanced customization", and clothing designers provide exclusive design services for every distinguished guest to meet the personalized requirements of guests. Now, "advanced customization" has also come to the polyurethane industry, and baysystems launched by Bayer materials technology is realizing this service

baysystems not only has rich experience in the field of polyurethane, but also provides an unparalleled range of proven polyurethane systems. According to the requirements of customers, the customized modification of polyurethane series products is a corresponding part of the interface on the controller of its universal experimental machine. Baysystems is based on customers' needs and provides them with what they need to succeed, namely customized polyurethane

now, this service has also come to China. According to Bayer's official introduction, in the fourth quarter of this year, the company plans to hold a inauguration ceremony for its baysystems network factory in Guangzhou, so as to expand the South China market. This baysystems network factory will provide a full range of customized polyurethane solutions for customers, so as to meet the needs of the rapidly developing Chinese shoe industry and the continuous expansion of the production of multi-layer composite packaging film in automobile and household appliances industries. It only needs to bring conventional accessories

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