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How to choose wall coating

how to choose wall coating

the selection of coating can refer to the following principles:

the room with large passenger flow should choose the coating with pollution resistance, aging resistance and good color retention

according to the climatic characteristics of the region, the South should choose the coating with good moisture-proof and mildew resistance. Paint with good low temperature workability should be selected in the north

I know the floor area of the room. How do I calculate the painting area

if you know the floor area of the room to be painted, the room height is about 2.5 meters: you can use the floor area *3, and the painted area is obtained. If the height of the room is more than 2.7m or less than 2.5m, the coefficient can be increased or reduced accordingly

is the higher the scrub resistance of latex paint, the better

the times of scrub resistance of latex paint is mainly determined by the composition of the formula. Adjusting the formula can adjust the times of scrub resistance within a certain range. However, latex paint is not the better if the number of times of scrubbing resistance is increased. Blindly increasing the number of times of scrubbing resistance will increase the cost, and other properties will be lost at the same time. Therefore, it is necessary to strike a balance between the number of times of scrubbing resistance and other properties and costs, so that the latex paint has good scrubbing resistance without loss of other properties, and has a reasonable cost

what are the common brushing tools for emulsion paint

brush, roller, spray gun

how to choose painting tools? What problems should we pay attention to when using new row pens and new bristle brushes

according to the size, nature and paint material of the surface to be painted, different hard brushes and row pens are selected. Flat hard brush shall be used for primer and ready mixed paint; The flat brush with thin bristles and good elasticity shall be selected for painting varnish. The elasticity and strength of bristle brush are greater than that of row pen, which is suitable for painting with high viscosity. When using a new bristle brush, before painting, put the bristle brush on No. 1 sandpaper, sand and grind the head of the bristle back and forth to make the bristle smooth and smooth, then dip a small amount of paint on the surface of the old object, and brush it back and forth for several times to make the floating bristles fall off, so as to ensure that the bristles do not fall off easily when brushing. When using a new row of pens, in order to reduce hair loss, you should first move the hair back and forth with your fingers before using it, so that the wool that is not glued can fall out, and then soak it with hot water, smooth the pen head, wrap it with paper, and let it dry by itself

what are the parts of a complete coating construction process

substrate treatment - remove loose animals and surface dirt, batch inlay and polish. If the surface still fails to meet the requirements, it is necessary to batch inlay and polish again, clean the surface, apply primer. If the wall is still uneven after coating, it should be repaired locally. After repairing and leveling, apply primer, and finally apply finish paint

what is the correct way to paint the interior wall

the correct brushing method is to brush from the top down. In practice, it starts from the ceiling, then the walls, doors and windows, and finally the skirting boards, windows, etc

the correct method of exterior wall painting

you should go up and down first, from the roof, gutter, column top, beam and rafter to the wall, doors, windows and baseboard. Each part shall also be painted from top to bottom. When painting each part, you can't stop halfway. If you have to stop, you should also choose the original connection parts on the building structure, such as the connection between the wall and the window frame. This will avoid ugly seams

the right way to paint windows

the hinged sliding window should be painted open. The order is top, side and bottom first, followed by crossbar, window frame, top line board and windowsill

what should I do if I am not proficient in painting

first of all, the substrate should be clean, dry and firm. Before painting, you should read the instruction manual, prepare a clean painting tool, add an appropriate amount of water to dilute, and then paint it evenly. Excessive dilution will make the paint not cover the bottom, powdered, shiny paint will lose light, different colors and other defects

what problems are prone to occur in coating construction

the following problems are easy to occur during coating construction:

A. falling off: This is the use of inferior putty, and the poor bonding force causes the paint film to fall off from the wall

b. bulge: the wall is not dry, the water is constantly evaporating or there is water seepage in the wall, which causes the paint film to bulge

c. chalking: the wall is loose, excessive water is added, or the temperature during construction is lower than the required temperature

d. cracking: the wall (or base material) is cracked, and the use of inferior putty leads to the cracking of the paint film

e. Fading: the wall is not completely dry, and the alkalinity is too large to erode the wall, causing the pigment to fade. There is a quality problem of the paint itself, which leads to fading

if the indoor wall is new, what should be done before painting

the new wall must be dry, and the surface moisture should be less than 10%. Putty can be used to flatten the wall. In order to make the paint film firm, smooth and durable, water-based or oil-based wall sealing primer must be used for priming

if the interior is an old wall, what should be done before painting the finish coat

if the paint film falls off and the old wall surface is incomplete, tools must be used to remove all the old paint film. The complete old paint surface should be polished with spun yarn leather. If it is adhered with wallpaper and keeps a good surface, it can also be painted directly. When painting, you can add a small amount of water and dilute it according to the different climatic conditions and painting tools

what are the advantages and disadvantages of brush coating construction

brush painting method is a widely used construction method, which is painted manually with a brush

advantages of brushing method: saving paint, simple tools, convenient construction, easy to master, strong flexibility and strong adaptability to paint varieties, which can be used for general paint

disadvantages of brushing method: manual operation has high labor intensity and low efficiency, which is not suitable for fast drying paint. If the operation is not skilled and the action is not agile, the paint film will have brush marks, sagging and uneven brushing defects

how to achieve good construction effect when roller coating

dip the brush into the paint, and the immersed part of the brush hair shall not exceed half of the hair length. If the root of the brush hair is stained with paint, the paint brush will be deformed and the service life of the brush will be shortened. The paint brush stained with paint must be gently wiped on the inner surface of the container before brushing to remove the excess paint so as to prevent the paint from dripping on the ground. At the beginning of painting, try to make the paint brush vertical, brush with the abdomen of the bristles, and finally straighten out the paint. When collecting the remaining paint, lay the paint brush flat and gently brush with the front end of the bristles

what are the advantages and disadvantages of brush coating and roller coating

brush painting is the earliest and simplest painting method, which is suitable for painting objects of any shape. Its disadvantages are low efficiency, high labor intensity and general decorative performance. Roller coating is suitable for large-area construction, with higher efficiency than brush coating, but the decorative performance is slightly poor




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