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Chinese characters are broad and profound. The song of "rare words" has nearly 70 rare words. How much did you know when you first read the lyrics

our Chinese characters

are written and painted, leaving a history of 5000 years

let the world know

our Chinese characters

every flick is a story

recently, a post-90s boy Chen Keyu created a song called "rare words" which was very popular in Tiktok. The inspiration for the creation of this song came from a word on the Internet, "once again". At that time, Chen Keyu did not know the "company".The word "Yu", Born in a conservatory of music, he is sensitive to music. When looking up the dictionary, he suddenly thought: there are so many rare words in China. How about writing them into a song? So half a year later, this song "rare words" came out and became popular on the Internet

many netizens said they were confused when listening to this song for the first time. What are these words? I almost doubt that all those years of Chinese have been learned in vain, and my brain hurts

since this song appeared, even foreigners have come to challenge. As Chinese, we are very proud

versions of rare words on Tiktok have been produced from time to time, and all kinds of interesting dance sign language creations have also followed

even the Chinese teacher did not miss this good opportunity to use this song to teach students in class

the English teacher is even more admirable. Performing the English version of "rare words" in front of the students is simply surprising. It is really an era of personal talent

people from all walks of life are singing this song "rare words", which has a great influence

we all have to lament the breadth and depth of Chinese culture and the subtlety of Chinese characters

this song is a song with nearly 70 rare words. How much did you know when you first read the lyrics

know 20 +, just passed

know 40+, give me a good one

know 60+, and you'll hang up

if you know all of them, you must be the great God of Xueba

ancient China, immortal culture

doors and windows have a long history. With the development of modern aluminum alloy doors and windows, there is a story you may have heard after these long history and splendid culture

in a town called Foshan City, there is a town called Dali, where a door and window factory called British royal family is located. It is a brand of Foshan Nanhai bomeidiya door and window system Co., Ltd. Adjacent to Guangzhou, with developed economy, convenient transportation and well-informed information, it is a large enterprise specializing in the production of medium and high titanium magnesium alloy sunshine houses, broken bridge and non broken bridge doors and windows. It has advanced German equipment, a complete and scientific quality management system, strong technical force, sufficient supply capacity and strong production technology guarantee, and diversified product varieties. The company is based on quality and service, with reference to German technology and British style, so that products can be favored by consumers and designers from design, research and development, production, packaging to product sales





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