Which style of door is suitable for you

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A door is a "Facade", just like a "window", which can let people know the taste and style of its owner. Different styles of doors can create different home environments and reflect the owner's interests

buying a door is not only for safety, but also a representation of art and culture. Doors play a very important role in home decoration. We should choose doors that coordinate with the home decoration environment

simple style

simplicity is beauty. Whether it's doors, furniture or other bedroom decoration styles, simplicity can always bring people a relaxed and comfortable feeling. The process behind simple modeling is not simple. The combined assembled door, which is combined with split coating process and assembly technology, strives to be precise, firm, simple and not easy to deform; In terms of design, the style requires simple and lively, and some also have some Japanese and Korean styles, so that consumers can enjoy simplicity and feel exotic customs at the same time

European and American style

as a classic European and American style product, the European and American style looks serious and monotonous on the surface, but in fact it has a deep foundation, with a kind of antique beauty. Compared with traditional Chinese doors, European and American doors pay more attention to the variability of lines, the sense of hierarchy of carving and the sense of obsolescence of paint. Unlike the brightness and light pursued by Chinese painting, American painting focuses on the sense of history of making old with old. Insiders said that the simple arc design and line design of the simple European door are also very popular with consumers

new Chinese style

new Chinese style is another popular vane in the market. The article learned that compared with young people, middle-aged and elderly people prefer traditional styles in aesthetics, which are thick and down-to-earth. The shape is simple. It mainly shows the texture, which is natural and clear, or regular or irregular, so that the lines are pure and natural. Even if you look at a door alone, you feel it is an artistic enjoyment

the above are several popular styles in the market, and the rest of the Xiaobian will not repeat them one by one. Which style of door do you like? Or which style of door suits you? Yideng doors and windows believes that a good one is not necessarily suitable for you, but should be selected according to the situation of yourself and your family




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