Decoration paint poisoning caused one death and tw

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Decoration paint poisoning caused one death and two injuries

recently, a poisoning accident of one death and two injuries occurred among coating workers at the decoration and renovation project site of a hotel located on the East West Fourth Ring Road in Beijing. It is reported that the three construction workers started site cleaning at 7 a.m. and painting waterproof paint at 8:20 a.m. about 10 minutes later, the three workers felt unwell one after another, and then fainted. 20 minutes later, they were sent to the hospital for rescue. Two people were rescued from danger, and one died after rescue. After preliminary investigation, the cause of poisoning of construction workers is the excessive concentration of toxic gas on the construction site. A strong pungent smell can also be smelled during the on-site investigation afterwards. According to the investigation, the polyurethane waterproof coating produced by a waterproof building material company in Beijing, which was bought from the market, was used on the site, and the nitro diluent produced by a paint factory in Beijing was added at the same time. According to the information provided by the indoor environment testing center of China Interior Decoration Association, there are about 400 cases of acute poisoning caused by architectural decoration coatings in China every year, and the number of poisoning reaches more than 15000 people. Among them, benzene poisoning is one of the most common accidents. The high benzene thinner used with polyurethane waterproof coating and other solvent based coatings is also a common material for ordinary home decoration. Experts remind consumers that when carrying out interior decoration, they must select materials in strict accordance with national standards. Civil construction projects should control pollution from the aspects of project background, material admission, environmental testing, etc. in accordance with national standards, especially pay attention to the ventilation and labor protection of the construction site. The decorated rooms must be checked and treated before occupancy





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