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It is very important to choose a suitable way of decoration. There are many ways of decoration. The experience of the past people is to determine a suitable way of decoration before you start. Here are the ways people usually adopt. Which one is more suitable for you? Labor and material contracting refers to entrusting the work of purchasing decorative materials to the decoration company, and the decoration company will uniformly quote the material cost and labor cost. This is a common practice of decoration companies, which can save customers a lot of trouble

it is crucial to choose a suitable decoration method. There are many kinds of decoration methods. The experience of the past people is that they can only start after determining the suitable decoration method. The following are the methods that people usually adopt. Which one is more suitable for you

labor and materials contracting

labor and materials contracting refers to entrusting the work of purchasing decorative materials to the decoration company, which will uniformly quote the material cost and labor cost

this is a common practice of decoration companies, which can save customers a lot of trouble. Formal decoration companies are highly transparent. When they explain to customers, the texture, specification, grade, price, charge and process of various materials will be listed clearly one by one. In addition, decoration companies often deal with material suppliers and have their own fixed supply channels and corresponding inspection means, so they rarely buy fake and shoddy materials. As far as suppliers are concerned, they will not easily sell unqualified decorative materials to decoration companies. Because decoration companies will buy a large number of commonly used materials, they can get a lower price

if your situation conforms to the following points, you can consider using this method:

1. I am busy with work and do not have enough time and energy to allocate to decoration

2. I know nothing about decorative materials

3. I'm most tired of shopping in the market

4. My home is far from the building materials market, and the transportation is inconvenient

5. I trust the selected decoration company very much

6. The decoration project of my home is very complex, and there are many decorative materials to be purchased

■ timely reminder:

1. If you can save materials, you can save. Each material has different grades of goods, and workers are likely to choose similar products with low prices to replace your requirements

2. Cut corners on work and materials during construction in order to save the cost of material distribution and some working hours

■ countermeasures:

1. Try to find a famous decoration company and don't believe in "street advertising"

2. All the above are actually loopholes in the contract. The only way to deal with them is to write everything in the contract. Not only the brand and specification of the required materials should be stated here, but also the requirements for the decoration steps should be paid special attention to. For example, it can be stipulated to shovel lime before painting, paint five times, soak tiles for 24 hours, etc

package cleaning

package cleaning refers to that users buy Decorative Materials by themselves, and workers construct them, and the labor fee is paid to the decoration company or construction team. If your situation meets the following points, you can consider using this method:

1. I have enough energy and time

2. I'm a bargain master

3. I am familiar with the building materials market

4. I have convenient means of transportation

5. I have enough understanding of the quality, performance and price of materials

6. I can accurately calculate consumables and professionally talk with decoration companies about the consumption of materials

7. My decoration project is relatively simple, and there are not many decorative materials to be purchased

■ timely reminder:

1. It takes a lot of energy and time to buy Decorative Materials by yourself. If you don't buy them in time, it's easy to miss work

2. The quality of materials is not guaranteed. If you are not a real professional, you often know only a little about how to choose decorative materials, and know little about the texture and purpose of materials. It is easy to buy materials with inferior quality and high price

3. It belongs to retail, and the quantity of purchased materials is small, so it cannot enjoy the wholesale price provided by the material store, and the price is often higher

4. Once quality problems occur in the project, it is difficult to distinguish between process quality problems and material quality

5. The householder buys materials by himself, which is prone to the waste of workers in construction

6. Hire your own car to transport materials. The freight is high and the utilization rate of the car is low

7. After the materials are left, they cannot be handled by themselves, resulting in waste

■ countermeasures:

1. Take time to supplement material knowledge before starting

2. Be patient in bargaining, and make corresponding experience reserves and psychological preparations

3. When signing the contract, estimate the consumption of various materials and list them

4. Only 80% of the estimated consumption of this material is purchased for the first time, so as to avoid waste in the quantity of re purchase

labor package auxiliary materials

labor package auxiliary materials refer to the main decorative materials provided by users, such as floor tiles, coatings, glazed tiles, wallpaper, wood floors, sanitary ware, etc. the decoration company is responsible for the construction of decoration projects and the procurement of auxiliary materials, such as cement, lime, sand, stone particles, etc. Users and decoration companies only settle labor costs, machinery usage costs, auxiliary material costs and corresponding indirect costs. Decoration companies can make profits in labor costs, auxiliary material costs and indirect costs. Users can worry less about purchasing auxiliary materials

if your situation meets the following points, you can consider using this method:

1. I have a certain ability to identify the main decorative materials

2. I have some time and energy to purchase materials

3. The construction is relatively simple, and there are few varieties of main decorative materials

4. In short, my situation is between the first two

■ timely remind:

1. The construction party purchases auxiliary materials and substitutes them with inferior ones

2. If the owner is not satisfied with the construction, the construction party will say that it is caused by the bad main materials purchased by the owner

■ countermeasures:

the above two possible situations can be solved through strict material mobilization acceptance. The main materials purchased by the owner shall be confirmed by the construction party before use; The owner has a look at the auxiliary materials bought by the construction party

experts guide themselves

in addition to the conventional methods, some people now know some architectural designers and interior designers engaged in engineering and construction, so they take the way of asking them to come and have a look first, giving some professional opinions on the functional arrangement of the room, appropriate structural changes, the placement of facilities and equipment, drawing a picture, and then finding a construction team decorated for neighbors and colleagues to work

the advantage of this method is that the expert friends know themselves, and the scheme they come up with is what they want. Of course, the key is that the construction team you are looking for doesn't leave you halfway, and you can understand the experts' intentions very considerately

"past people" have been very successful, but not everyone is so lucky. The problems are reflected in these aspects:

1. Experts take out drawings that are perfect to the greatest extent, but it is impossible to follow the construction closely. Workers do it according to their own understanding, which is inevitable to be out of shape

2. Generally, what experts give you is a concept or overall scheme to determine the style, color, spatial arrangement, etc. the grasp of details is generally not involved, but these links are the most prone to problems

3. Most of these decorations do not have an overall design scheme. "Straw sandals are not like, they look like them while playing". Whether they look like what you originally wanted depends on your luck

contracting labor and materials will be the trend

at present, the most selected decoration method is the form of contracting labor and auxiliary materials. The main materials are purchased by the owner himself. The purpose is to be at ease, which saves time and energy compared with buying all materials by himself. Decoration is not decoration after all. Most projects cannot be DIY. It is a bit ridiculous for owners to buy building materials required for construction in the building materials market by themselves, which is a manifestation of imperfect services in the decoration industry. Insiders said that the way of contracting labor and materials should be the development trend of the decoration industry, because the decoration company with standardized business behavior, transparent price and excellent construction quality will win the trust of customers, and the discretionary entrustment will save time and effort





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