Hottest Bayer sales hit a 150 year high in 2012

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In 2012, Bayer's sales hit a 150 year high

at the financial conference held recently, Dr. Malkin dykes, CEO of Bayer, said: "2012 was a successful year for Bayer Group. We have continued to maintain active growth and achieved the group's goals. All sub groups have achieved good results in terms of sales and profits excluding special projects."

in 2012, the sales volume of Bayer Group increased by 8.8%, reaching 39.76 billion euros (2011: 36.528 billion euros), reaching the highest level of Bayer in 150 years. After adjusting the exchange rate and asset portfolio, the sales increased by 5.3%. The experimental power of automatic revenue collection in emerging markets increased by 7.4%, which is 2. 5% in industry Do not put the experimental machine in a place with wet and strong magnetic field, which is twice the national market. EBIT excluding special items increased by 12.9% to 5.671 billion euros (2011: 5.025 billion euros)

in 2012, Bayer Material Technology sub group also contributed to Bayer's excellent performance throughout the year, no matter what instrument it is. Sales of high-tech materials business increased by 6.2%; The business of foam raw materials (polyurethane) increased by 7.9%; However, the sales of high-tech plastics business (polycarbonate) fell by 7.1%; The sales volume of coatings, adhesives and special products increased by 3.5%

in 2013, Bayer predicts that the sales of: +86 21 - 155, 502 will increase by 4% to 5% after currency and asset portfolio adjustment, which is equivalent to the group's sales of about 41billion euros. Among them, Bayer Material Technology expects its sales to increase slightly after currency adjustment and asset portfolio adjustment, reaching about 12billion euros. In the first quarter of 2013, Bayer materials technology expects its sales after currency adjustment and portfolio adjustment to increase compared with the previous quarter

in the field of materials technology business, Bayer expects to achieve business expansion driven by increased sales in 2015, and surpass the global economic growth rate. At present, the higher production capacity in the world market may be absorbed by the growing global demand in the next few years. Bayer still plans to actively respond to the commercialization of its business through further efficiency measures, which will increase the EBITDA margin excluding special items by 1.5% by 2015

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