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Bayer plans to launch polyurethane composite wind blades in the United States. Bayer materials technology company, a subsidiary of Bayer Group, recently received a US $750000 grant from the U.S. Department of energy to study the use of carbon nanotubes to strengthen polyurethane composites to manufacture larger, stronger and lighter wind turbine blades with more than 1.5MW, and has the advantages of high specific strength and large specific elastic modulus

Case Western Reserve University and molded glass fiber company also participated in this study. Bayer said that this polyurethane system reinforced with carbon nanotubes can improve the software design strength/weight ratio of static load tensile testing machine system by more than 50%; The project will also explore the use of low VOC (volatile organic compounds) polyurethane based materials as a low emission technology to further reduce the carbon footprint. In addition to providing a composite structure with higher strength, the polyurethane based system also uses bio based components, and the post curing process can be omitted to reduce energy consumption. Bayer is one of the few companies that can manufacture high-quality carbon nanotubes with abnormal institutional action. Its carbon nanotube trade name center is 214 mm high and is baytubes. Baytubes are high-tech improved products of carbon. They can be added to polymers or metals as fillers or modifiers to improve their mechanical strength and electrical properties

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