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Bayer materials signed a western investment agreement with Chongqing

· build new facilities in Chongqing for the downstream market to better get close to customers in Western China

· it is another milestone under the framework of Bayer materials technology's re investment of 110million euros in China before 2012

· it fully demonstrates the firm commitment of the company to China and the Asia Pacific region

may d - the diameter of experimental steel ball 20, Bayer materials technology signed an investment agreement with Chongqing municipal government on the establishment of Bayer's downstream market facilities in Changshou Economic Development Zone, including the company's first polycarbonate color effect and design center in Western China and the polyurethane system material factory project. This measure is another milestone for Bayer materials technology to invest in Western China

"we continue to invest in long-term development", ”He added that Mr. konich, President of Bayer Greater China and President of Bayer materials technology China, said: "according to the plan announced last year, we will invest 110million euros in China to build five new facilities for downstream markets to be closer to customers. Further closeness to customers will help us quickly respond to customer needs. We are expanding and reducing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) And friction consume our business in the fast-growing market, and provide customers with customized solutions to capture more business opportunities. "

in terms of sales, China is the second largest market of Bayer materials technology in the world

the polyurethane system material factory and polycarbonate color effect and design in Chongqing will better eliminate the impact of external interference on information. Relying on Bayer's R & D and technology centers around the world, the center will provide services to customers in different industries such as automobile, construction, it, electronics and electrical, furniture and footwear

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