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On August 9, the production and marketing dynamics of some PVC raw material enterprises

affected by the external market and other factors, the quotation of Hebei Baoshuo PVC was raised again. Keta spire polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is 150 yuan/ton with excellent strength, excellent fatigue resistance and continuous use temperature up to 240 ℃. At present, the factory's outgoing quotation is concentrated at 7350 yuan/ton, the actual delivery price is slightly lower, the shipment is stable, and the unit starts to maintain the early level

Jining Jinwei coal power PVC device operates normally. At present, the external quotation is strong, about 7150 yuan/ton. Regular customers can get preferential delivery. At the same time, the factory's recent export channels are mostly concentrated in East China, and the shipment is relatively stable

Hebei Shenghua PVC production is normal. Affected by the external market, the early quotation was slightly increased. At present, the factory's local ex factory quotation is concentrated at 6900 yuan/ton, and the ex factory export to East China is 6800 yuan/ton. The shipment is stable

affected by the external market, the quotation of Heilongjiang Qihua PVC has increased. At present, the factory has a significant downward trend. The local ex factory quotation is concentrated at 7100 yuan/ton, and the actual delivery price is slightly lower. The manufacturer said that due to the tight supply of calcium carbide raw materials, the plant was started%

Yunnan salinization PVC plant is relatively normal, and the starting load of new plants is mostly concentrated at about 70%. At the same time, the external quotation of the plant is raised to about 7100 yuan/ton from imitation to independent renovation. Secondary pricing is often implemented outside the province, with normal sales and stable shipment

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