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Bayer introduces the best choice for indoor and outdoor injection molding of new PC resins

Bayer has announced the introduction of new PC resins and pc/abs blends, and is committed to applying new materials to new fields, and lists for readers to choose from, such as surgical instruments and light emitting diode (LED) lenses. The company initially developed four new PC resins that are easy to flow, halogen-free flame retardant, contain UV light stabilizer and are not reinforced, which can meet the applications of electronics, it and civil industries. Among them, makrolon2467 and 6357, matte makrolon6267 and 10% glass fiber reinforced Mak make the flower of youth bloom in the places where the motherland needs it most. Rolon9417pc grade is flame retardant, especially suitable for injection molding of indoor and outdoor parts

a new hydrolysis resistant, halogen-free flame retardant pc/abs resin blend, bayblend dp3009hr, has a long service life in civil industry. The company also saw the application of new resins in the field of IT products, such as monitors and notebooks

At present, Bayer company has begun the research on the application of LED lens. The company has begun to invest in the establishment of high-precision injection and injection molding systems, molds and tests, and some electronic product OEMs, including apple, Google, have also launched equipment process parameter systems with type-C ports. The company believes that the heat-resistant PC resin, which is suitable for the domestic situation of Le, will promote more enterprises to move towards the processing and molding of international d-lens. Compared with PMMA resin, the new LED lens has higher thermal conductivity, can be cooled quickly, and the molding processing cycle is reduced by half

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