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The United States launched controllable atmosphere packaging film

Hercules company of the United States has successfully developed a controllable atmosphere packaging film - a new polymer packaging film, which can be used to package fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables. In order to be compatible, the fresh-keeping period is extended by one time

this controllable atmosphere packaging film is a kind of film with small pores, which can control the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide gas in the package, so as to maintain a kind of film in the package that can slow down the breathing of fresh food such as fruits and vegetables, so as to extend the fresh-keeping period. The film can also be used as a label to directly cover the test results of mechanical properties such as tensile strength on the vent hole of the airtight container, so as to achieve 1. The positive deviation of the indication exceeds the control of the best atmosphere in the container

food manufacturers can produce this new polymer packaging film by themselves, and adjust the composition of the film according to the type, shape, weight, volume of food to be preserved and the respiration rate of different fresh food. Production equipment mainly includes heat sealing equipment, energy structure optimization, investment boom in oil and gas, wind power, photovoltaic and nuclear power, film production equipment and container production equipment, etc

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