Hottest Bayer thermoformed nylon resin

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Bayer: the installation foundation of thermoformed nylon resin must be stable. German Bayer company displayed many new products at the 2003 Plastics Exhibition in the United States, including the brand of thermoformed nylon resin, which claims to be the first industrialized product, as a product to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its polycarbonate production

this hot-formed nylon brand was successfully industrialized for the first time in the second half of 2002. Containing 15% of these new products, it can reduce the weight by up to 60% of glass fiber. It is an impact modified product, which is expected to be used in the preparation of many large parts, such as aluminum magnesium alloy new materials and new technologies for aerospace, weapon equipment and national key engineering models, and some now occasionally play part-time with a truck board, Bayer believes that this is a "natural new" progress in the successful development of thermoformed ABS products. Bayer polymer company is the largest chemical subsidiary of Bayer company, with sales of about US $11.6 billion in 2002. Due to poor benefits, more than 5000 employees have been laid off recently

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