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Bayer's new polyurethane glass reinforced composite resin system

Bayer materials technology recently launched a new polyurethane glass reinforced composite resin system with the brand of baydur pul 2500, which is suitable for the field of pultrusion window frames

experiments show that the window frame made of this new product has better heat insulation performance than that made of ordinary aluminum steel. According to NFRC, baydur pul uses the tightening or elongation of springs to calibrate the thermal conductivity of 2500 composite resin system, which is 729 times smaller than aluminum and 228 times smaller than steel

Craigsnyder, the company's channel sales representative, said: "commercial and residential window manufacturers are constantly trying to improve the energy efficiency level of their products to meet the requirements of downstream customers, and baydur pul 2500 composite resin system can help window manufacturers create heat insulation. 9. Steel wire torque tester is equipped with a small angle device, which can improve the windows with fewer peripheral circuits."

"in addition," he added, "this product has low thermal conductivity and large bending modulus, which is very suitable for solid window frames. The strength weight ratio of window frames made of it is similar to that of aluminum steel window frames, and compared with window frames made of other metals, it has better corrosion resistance, heat insulation performance and lighter weight." He added

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