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bank deposit + artificial intelligence risk control zhixinbao high risk firewall

bank deposit + artificial intelligence risk control zhixinbao high risk firewall

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original title: Bank deposit + artificial intelligence risk control zhixinbao high risk firewall

recently, The central bank and relevant member units of the leading group for the special rectification of Internet financial risks held a mobilization meeting for the work deployment of the next stage of the special rectification of Internet financial risks. Pan Gongsheng, vice president of the central bank, pointed out that it would take one to two years to complete the special rectification of Internet financial risks, resolve stock risks, eliminate potential risks, and initially establish a regulatory system that adapts to the characteristics of Internet finance

it is not difficult to see that risk management has become the focus of the industry in recent years, which is conducive to the development of mutual fund industry into a virtuous circle and investors to obtain a healthier investment environment. Zhixinbao, a network lending information intermediary platform, believes that the healthy and stable development of the mutual fund industry is inseparable from both national regulation and the self-discipline of the platform

zhixinbao is a network lending information intermediary platform created by Zhixin financial information service (You county) Co., Ltd. under Zhirong group. It aims to provide users with efficient, flexible and safe loan matching services. We have always adhered to the development of compliance and self-discipline. Since the launch, we have established the principle that the interests of users are above everything, and take the protection of user funds and data security as the basic tenet of platform development

in terms of capital security, zhixinbao always adheres to the principle of small amount dispersion, relying on the artificial intelligence risk control engine independently developed by Zhirong group. On the one hand, zhixinbao focuses on providing efficient and convenient financing matching services for individuals; On the other hand, new financial technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence have been used to greatly shorten the cycle time of production, so as to deeply tap excellent guaranteed quality assets that are carefully tested for customers' work, and provide users with low-risk, guaranteed, convenient and worry free loan matching services. For users, the "small amount decentralized" lending method can effectively reduce risks, and avoid risks caused by excessive concentration and unification of funds by lending funds to multiple different assets. So as to ensure the safety of users' funds and bring users a more stable lending experience

in order to further strengthen the security of funds if abnormal phenomena are found, zhixinbao actively embraced compliance and launched the fund depository system together with Langfang bank. Every lender of zhixinbao enjoys "bank level" capital security. Users need to open a Langfang bank deposit account before they can complete recharge, lending and other operations. The existence of bank custody ensures that the capital flow and creditor's rights of both lenders and borrowers are clear, and the capital flow is more transparent and compliant, ensuring the safety of investors' funds

in terms of data security, relying on the financial technology advantages of Zhirong group, zhixinbao has effectively established a complete user data protection system to comprehensively protect the information and data security of investors with industry-leading account security and station security protection

today, with the rapid development of the Internet lending industry and the survival of the fittest, for the majority of users, the index to measure whether a platform is trustworthy and investment is not income, but whether it meets the requirements of national laws and regulations and policy supervision, as well as the protection of platform rights and interests, risk control and other links that are inseparable from "safety". Zhixinbao has always adhered to the route of safe and compliant development, and has always taken safeguarding the safety of users' funds and protecting users' lending rights and interests as its top priority. In the future, zhixinbao will further strengthen self-discipline, continue to improve the level of financial risk control and technical risk control, accompany users with a rigorous and negative attitude, and return better products and services for users' trust

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