Adverse effect of welding slag produced during the

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The welding slag produced during welding has adverse effects on the work

1. The grinding and cleaning of welding spatter takes up a lot of labor and time for the floor type frame composed of the guide column, upper beam, middle beam and workbench of the main machine of the large electronic laboratory machine, which increases the manufacturing cost

2. The flying original gauge distance l0:100 mm on the workpiece will cause excessive dimensional error of the workpiece and affect the product quality if the splash is not cleaned up. To confirm the aging of adhesive tape

3. Plug the welding nozzle, affect the ventilation and threading, cause the welding arc to be unstable, and it is easy to make the weld appear pores. Cleaning the welding gun also wastes time and reduces the production efficiency

4. Splashes flying everywhere are not only easy to slip into people's collars or cuffs, causing burns, but also polluting the working environment

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