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[update 2016] performance analysis of mainstream game graphics cards (gtx950m

it has been several years since the last summary of mobile graphics card performance

the last time I was writing gt730-gtx7, it was absolutely "beneficial" to eliminate the smell hated by Chinese users 65m performance comparison was still summarized with NBC data at that time

after several years of growth, the data in the pen bar evaluation room has gradually increased, and the Southeast Asian market continues to maintain a flat market. This time, we can finally directly compare the performance of the graphics card with our own test results

the graphics card model included this time is NVIDIA's 9 Series graphics card with "GTX" prefix. At present, this kind of graphics card is the main product in the game market, and the lower end model can't provide comparison because there is basically no contact in the pen bar evaluation room

through this summary, players can understand how big the performance difference between notebook graphics cards is, and what kind of graphics card is suitable for their own needs

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