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New experience of public health health health appliances have gradually become "sweet pastry". Be careful when choosing

new experience of public health, health appliances have gradually become "sweet pastry". There are hidden dangers in the safety of the product, so you must be careful in purchasing. It is recommended to go to large shopping malls or specialty stores to buy health care appliances with quality assurance

new experience of citizen health care appliances have gradually become a pastry.

health care appliances are not only loved by elderly consumers, but also very popular with young and middle-aged people. Ruan, a white-collar worker, said that sitting for a long time in the office was easy to cause lumbar problems, so he bought an electric belt on Taobao not long ago. Unexpectedly, colleagues in the office asked for links or asked her to help buy them. Now she has bought at least four of the same belts. In fact, after sitting in the office for a long time, few people have no problems with their lumbar and cervical vertebrae. She said

According to qianxinlei, marketing manager of Suning Taizhou Branch, the current sales volume of health care appliances is still good. In particular, foot baths are mostly bought by young people, usually for elders. In fact, due to the acceleration of the pace of life, the increase of work pressure and the long-term face of computers and desk work, the number of sub-health people continues to rise. Coupled with the enhancement of consumers' awareness of health care, in recent years, consumers' attention to the market of health appliances is rising

there are hidden dangers in the safety of products. We should be cautious in choosing and purchasing

many citizens expressed concern about the quality of health care appliances products

Ms. Jiang Feng, President of China Household Appliances Association, said at the founding meeting of the health care appliances professional committee: due to the low threshold of market access and the imperfect standard system, the products have not been included in the 3C certification catalogue of national safety certification. In addition to the rise of Internet sales channels, in recent years, the health care appliance industry, especially the foot bath and some small health care appliances, has intensified low-cost competition for the current situation, with mixed products. Take the foot bath as an example. At present, the biggest problem is the lack of relevant mechanisms for market access threshold. Some foot baths do not have any quality and safety certification marks

some insiders pointed out in the design and manufacturing process of the whole machine that the quality problems of health appliances are due to the low technical content of products and the low entry threshold of the industry. Some small enterprises without quality assurance are widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, wire, cable, textile, fiber, plastic, rubber, ceramics, food, pharmaceutical packaging, aluminum plastic pipes, plastic doors and windows, geotextiles, films, wood, paper Metal materials and manufacturing industry, and even workshop enterprises dissect well-known brand products for imitation production. For example, changing the color of the appearance, changing the origin of the small motor, changing the wood into plastic, adding a cushion at the back, and controlling the cost by cutting corners on safety devices, thus bringing potential safety hazards

it is recommended to buy health care appliances in large shopping malls or specialty stores with quality assurance. There are many brands in small stores, and there are many fake goods and unqualified products, so the quality is difficult to guarantee. In addition, shopping in large shopping malls and specialty stores is also guaranteed in terms of after-sales, and it is easier to solve product quality problems. Manager Qian said that in the mixed health care appliance market, consumers should also choose carefully

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