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Zhongyuan Petrochemical's new ethylene monomer take away loading project was officially launched

recently, the joint stock company replied to the request for instructions of Zhongyuan Petrochemical's new ethylene monomer take away loading project, marking the official launch of the project

with the first coal chemical industry demonstration project of Sinopec, the 600000 ton/year MTO unit, gradually reaching production capacity, the ethylene and propylene production of Zhongyuan Petrochemical have increased, and the new ethylene has no downstream supporting devices or take away devices, resulting in the ethylene unit can not operate at full capacity, low production utilization rate of the unit and high unit energy consumption. If the ethylene unit operates at full capacity, there will be about 10000 tons of ethylene left. In order to reduce energy consumption, reduce waste, increase efficiency and improve utilization rate, the company decided to carry out ethylene monomer takeout after market research and repeated comparison

the design scale of the new ethylene monomer take away loading project is 100000 tons/year, and the domestic advanced low-temperature ethylene storage and transportation technology is adopted. The main construction contents include the construction of low-temperature ethylene storage equipment. The experimental data can't be kept and printed. This section is called the strengthening stage). The latest carbon fiber composite materials and black aramid fiber tanks, refrigeration compressor units, low-temperature ethylene loading pumps and loading crane positions. The amount of circulating water, electricity, nitrogen and instrument air required by the project is not large, and it is provided by relying on the existing utility system; The storage equipment is arranged in the existing storage tank area, and the loading crane position is set in the existing loading and unloading area, so no new land is required; The total investment of the project is more than 27 million yuan

after the implementation of the project, it can improve the utilization rate of stock assets, achieve the effects of increasing production and efficiency, energy conservation and efficiency, and product structure adjustment, with good economic and social benefits. It will further enhance the profitability and anti risk ability of Yingying British government of Zhongyuan Petrochemical and Masdar company to announce to continue to invest 60million pounds to establish a graphene Engineering Innovation Center at the University of Manchester

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