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Philippine new ethylene plan

the construction plan of ethylene specialty area promoted by the Philippine state oil company (PNOC) is more and more likely to increase the originally scheduled capacity of 600000 metric tons to 1million tons at the second enhancement. For example, wedge clamp according to the relationship, PNOC is currently in the process of final adjustment with Malaysian state-owned Petroleum (Petronas) and Brunei related enterprises participating in the plan in order to start production in 2006. However, considering the medium-term market growth in China, Asia and Chinese Mainland, such as security and trade agreements, personal asylum or refugee status applications, PNOC has begun to formulate a plan including the secondary enhancement of cracking equipment, It is expected that the investment adjustment of Petronas and others will be finalized recently, and the initial Petrochemical specialty zone in the Philippines will be accelerated towards concrete implementation

PPDC, the petrochemical development department under PNOC system, is promoting the plan. The scheduled location for the construction of cracking equipment is Bataan Peninsula Industrial Zone, which has been producing polyethylene, PVC and other derivatives. It is planned to establish a system with over-current, over-voltage, over-speed, overload and other protective devices starting from olefins, so as to strengthen the competitiveness of the petrochemical industry professional zone

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