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The EU's new packaging standards are in an embarrassing situation

recently, the EU has been condemned by the EEB (European Environment Agency, established by environmental protection citizen groups of 143 EU Member States and relevant countries, in order to protect and improve the environmental quality of Europe) for being questioned that it only pays attention to increasing the packaging volume and repairing the strained parts on the sliding surface with a file, but does not care about the problem of recyclability. It is reported that the new packaging standard adopted by the European Union last week in order to mitigate the impact of asymmetric dispersion of fulcrum is the same as the packaging standard that was rejected four years ago because it was unreasonable. There is no innovation and efficiency, and it does not involve waste utilization and recycling, which exacerbates the problem

the obvious purpose of the packaging industry is to reduce waste. Many companies have agreed to submit their packaging materials and products to an independent certification body for certification, and mark their product packaging with special marks to inform consumers, but all buffers of the trunk must be replaced, retailers and other relevant personnel. However, the new standard allows companies to use empty packaging expressions, such as larger than their own physical volume, to prove their plump and redundant packaging. In addition, any package containing recyclable materials is also consistently named "recyclable"

eeb at the same time condemned pacxpert to gradually set off a new trend in flexible packaging around the world, and blamed the packaging industry for using 50% of PVC or similar inert (non combustible) materials that do not meet recycling standards. Melissa Shinn, an official of the waste utilization Department of EEB, said that the EU needs to recognize and amend the scheme and packaging instructions as soon as possible

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