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At the beginning of 2008, the new sales of wind power cables of Far East Cable Co., Ltd. made a good start, winning a large order of 35 million yuan from Huayi wind energy at one stroke, making a contribution to China's wind power industry

China's wind makes it form a benign complementary and competitive relationship with large enterprises. Energy resources are very rich, and the wind power market has a broad prospect. As a power generation method with the most mature technology and the most large-scale development of hc:ha+710 ℃/16h/ac+650 ℃/16h/ac components and commercial development prospects in new energy, the development speed of wind power generation is remarkable. Far East Cable Co., Ltd. responded to the new energy development strategy of the country's experimental machine with various functions such as stretching, bending and testing, seized the business opportunity, and independently developed a series of new wind power cables with the characteristics of torsion resistance, cold resistance, salt fog resistance, oil resistance, UV resistance, softness and mobility. In Goldwind technology, COMESA, Mingyang wind power, Guohua wind power, Datang Power Huide wind power and Baoding Kono Weiye and other wind farms have excellent and stable performance during operation, reaching the same level in the world

it is reported that far east cable is currently the largest supplier of wind power cables for domestic wind turbine generators, accounting for more than 70% of the supply. The company has been listed in the global procurement network of COMESA. With the acceleration of global industrialization and the increasingly obvious greenhouse fitlin effect, the new wind power cable series developed by the Far East will certainly help the national development of new energy and play an increasingly important role. (Far East holding group: zhangzhilong)

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