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EU new chemicals law will be implemented, Guangdong enterprises' exports will be blocked

EU new chemicals law will be implemented, Guangdong enterprises' exports will be blocked

December 22, 2006

editor's note: China's exports of EU products may encounter green barriers again. Following the implementation of the three major environmental protection directives WEEE, RoHS and EUP, a wave of "green test", which has a greater impact and involves a wider range of products - the EU "system on registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals", is expected to be fully implemented in the EU in June 2007. This time, there is a great opportunity for China to export "young people. The EU's chemical raw materials and products, chemical fiber, rubber, plastics, textiles, light industry, electronics, automobiles, household appliances, pharmaceuticals, coatings, etc. are all under control. The export of more than 10 categories of nearly 10000 advantageous products in Guangdong is facing severe challenges

according to the Guangdong entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, another new green barrier of the European Union, the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction system for chemicals (hereinafter referred to as "reach regulation"), has been voted through this month, following the adoption of tensile testing machine fixtures sprayed with emery in the three environmental directives of WEEE, RoHS and EUP

Guangdong entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau said that the regulation will gradually replace more than 40 existing directives and regulations on chemicals, such as the classification, packaging and labeling of Hazardous Substances Directive, and will be fully implemented in the EU market from June 1, 2007. At that time, more than 30000 kinds of chemical products and downstream products involving the use of chemical products are likely to be exported

according to experts, reach, translated as the "latest EU chemicals law", is not a separate decree or regulation, but a comprehensive EU regulation covering the safety of chemical production, trade and use. It puts forward stricter environmental protection and safety requirements for chemicals exported to the EU, mainly including registration, evaluation, licensing and restrictions

the new regulations have strict requirements on environmental protection

like the WEEE and RoHS directives, the REACH regulations, under the banner of ensuring human health and environmental safety, include about 30000 kinds of chemical products produced or exported by the EU to the EU market, as well as all downstream products involving the use of chemical products, such as textiles, light industry, toys, electromechanical products, etc., into several management and monitoring systems such as registration, evaluation, licensing, etc, To regulate the manufacture, use and circulation of chemicals in the EU market. However, many export products of Guangdong often lack relevant data and fail to meet the basic registration requirements of the system

registration means that for chemicals that are now widely used and newly invented, as long as their output or one-time import volume exceeds 1 ton, their manufacturers or importers need to submit detailed product information to the reach central database; Evaluation refers to the careful evaluation of the registration information of all chemicals with a production of more than 100 tons by the competent authority, including chemicals with a small production under special circumstances; Licensing refers to the specific authorization given by the government authorities to the use of substances or their components that are easy to cause great concern, such as carcinogens, induced gene mutations or chemicals harmful to reproduction

registration has the greatest impact on enterprises in the regulations, which puts forward a strict time limit. For new substances of more than 1 ton, 12 months after the new regulation comes into force, manufacturers or importers must register their products before putting them on the market. For existing substances, the regulations stipulate that chemicals with an output of more than 1000 tons and any carcinogen or substance inducing gene mutation with an output of more than 1 ton must be registered within 3 years after reach takes effect; If the output is 100 tons to 1000 tons, the registration shall be completed within 6 years after reach takes effect; 1 to 100 tons should be registered within 11 years. Products that fail to be included in the management and monitoring system on schedule cannot be sold in the EU market

exports of more than 1500 enterprises in Guangdong have been blocked

relevant experts pointed out that compared with the previous WEEE, RoHS and EUP directives, the REACH regulations have a wider scope of influence, directly or indirectly affecting more than a dozen industries, such as chemical raw materials and products, chemical fiber, rubber, plastics, textiles, light industry, electronics, automobiles, household appliances, pharmaceuticals, coatings, etc. More than 30000 kinds of chemical products in China and downstream products involving the use of chemical products are very likely to be exported

it is understood that the EU is one of Guangdong's major export markets. At present, Guangdong's flagship products exported to Europe, such as raw materials or colorants used in electromechanical products, textile and clothing, plastic and chemical fiber products, contain chemical components, and are downstream products of chemicals. At least tens of thousands of advantageous products in more than a dozen categories in Guangdong will be affected and their exports will be blocked. Take mechanical and electrical products as an example. According to statistics, Guangdong's export trade volume of mechanical and electrical products to Europe accounts for about 1/3 of the country. At present, there are more than 1500 enterprises involved in EU export business in Guangdong. Last year, Guangdong exported 26.52 billion US dollars of mechanical and electrical products to the EU, accounting for 75.6% of Guangdong's foreign trade exports to the EU. At least half of the mechanical and electrical products exported to Europe are downstream products under REACH regulations, and this alone has an impact of 10 billion US dollars. And for Guangdong's mechanical and electrical industry, which has been repeatedly attacked by the EU "green test" in recent years, it is undoubtedly worse

small enterprises will be forced to withdraw from the EU market

inspection and quarantine experts said that the impact of the implementation of the new regulations on enterprises is fatal, and the most important is that the cost of manufacturers will increase significantly. Some small and medium-sized enterprises with small scale, weak economic strength and unable to meet the requirements of exporting to Europe can only give up the EU market, and a reshuffle of the domestic and foreign chemical industry is inevitable

reach regulations stipulate strict testing standards and high testing costs, and these costs are all borne by the enterprise. According to EU estimates, the basic testing cost of each chemical substance is about 85000 euros, and the testing cost of each new substance is as high as 570000 euros. With this alone, the cost of exporting to the EU will generally increase by more than 5%, and even higher for some products with many testing items. Some small and medium-sized enterprises simply cannot afford such expensive testing fees, and can only flinch

in addition, the reach regulation covers not only chemical manufacturers, but also importers, downstream industries and other fields. Once it takes effect, EU chemical manufacturers or export enterprises will undoubtedly transfer huge testing fees to cooling and finalizing immediately and marry downstream enterprises, increasing the cost of China's chemical import enterprises. The re transfer of costs will directly affect China's Electromechanical, textile, clothing The rising cost of furniture and other products has led to an increase in the cost of export enterprises and a decline in benefits

how do Guangdong enterprises cope with fierce challenges

according to some recent investigations of enterprises by Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, it is found that at present, downstream enterprises, especially Guangdong's export advantage enterprises such as Electromechanical, textile and clothing, know little about this new EU regulation, Some of him proposed that the plasticization of polymers results from two very real conditions: the reduction of shear strength and the increase of contact area when high molecular materials contact other surfaces. He did not know that there was such a regulation at all

therefore, Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau urgently reminded relevant enterprises to actively respond as soon as possible. Enterprises should establish the concept of green production and green marketing; Adopt high-tech and cleaner production processes, and try to adopt international standards organization production; We should timely study and collect the technical restriction regulations and technical standards of EU countries, improve the quality of our products, speed up the adjustment of product structure, improve environmental protection requirements, enhance the renewal ability of products, and improve international competitiveness; Pay close attention to the upstream chemical enterprises' response to reach, and select raw material suppliers in advance to avoid unnecessary losses

at the same time, Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau said that it would actively follow up and study the reach system to provide technical support and knowledge reserves for Guangdong enterprises to deal with the reach system. The inspection and quarantine department will hold a large-scale reach regulation publicity activity in the province in the near future, organize relevant enterprises to carry out business training, and organize inspection and quarantine technicians to go deep into enterprises to carry out targeted training and guidance; On the other hand, Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau will strengthen the horizontal contact and cooperation between relevant laboratories, actively carry out the research on the tested commodities, tested items and method system, and carry out the analysis and Research on the content and reporting method of the safety data report of the reach system, so as to minimize the negative impact of the export of enterprise products to the EU

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