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The new EU regulation reach has come into force, and China has encountered the largest trade barrier since its entry into the WTO

which will affect more than 90% of the trade volume between China and Europe, resulting in a decrease of 0.4% in China's gross chemical product.

in order to reduce the impact, laboratories have been built in key foreign trade regions across the country to deal with the reach regulation

after six years of discussion, the EU REACH regulation officially came into force today, which will make China face the largest trade barrier since its entry into the WTO. Industry experts pointed out that since all the costs of material testing and registration are borne by enterprises, it is conservatively estimated that the cost borne by Chinese enterprises for reach is $500million to $1billion per year

The full name of reach regulation is the act on registration, evaluation, licensing and restriction of chemicals. It will replace more than 40 directives and regulations related to chemicals, such as the current EU Directive on classification, packaging and labelling of hazardous substances, and impose mandatory registration, evaluation, licensing and safety monitoring on all chemicals on the EU market and entering the EU market

this regulation aimed at maintaining the health and safety of residents in the EU is also a more stringent trade barrier than anti-dumping measures. Due to its complex procedures and wide coverage, the regulation has attracted worldwide attention

industry experts pointed out that it will involve about 30000 kinds of chemical products in the EU market, affect more than 90% of the trade volume between China and Europe, reduce the total import and export volume of chemical products between China and Europe by 10%, establish a macro-control and market regulation mechanism for China's chemical GDP, reduce by 0.4%, and may lead to the unemployment of 200000 chemical and related employees

statistics show that at present, the bilateral trade volume between China and the European Union in the field of chemicals exceeds 23billion US dollars per year. The total bilateral trade volume between China and the EU reached more than 270 billion US dollars last year, and the EU has become China's largest trading partner. On the surface, the above-mentioned bill is only aimed at chemicals, and the shadow is also competed by the waves surging from the invisible hands of the market. Therefore, changing the internal structure of the spring (changing the size of the center hole, etc.) and cooperating at the same time will start the export of Chinese chemical products. However, chemicals are just the tip of the iceberg, which affects almost all commodities, because few commodities do not use chemical products

experts estimate that because of reach, China's trade with the EU will all be affected, and household appliances, textiles, clothing, footwear, toys, light industry, electronics, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, etc. will be affected. The entire Sino European trade pattern and even its upstream and downstream industrial pattern will face a major reshuffle.

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reach is not a separate decree or regulation, but a policy covering chemical production Comprehensive regulations on Trade and use safety

reach brings about 30000 chemical products in the EU market and more than 5 million downstream manufactured products such as textiles, light industry and pharmaceuticals into the three management and monitoring systems of registration, evaluation and licensing. All chemicals and their downstream products produced by the EU itself, used for export and imported from abroad must be registered and licensed before they can be circulated in the EU market

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