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On December 17, Shanghai Mitsubishi new escalator factory held a completion ceremony in the factory, announcing the completion and operation. It is reported that the new plant is located in the Minhang Development Zone of Shanghai, covering an area of 53000 square meters. The design capacity is 5000 sets of escalators and moving sidewalks per year. It will achieve an output of more than 1billion yuan, and the time scale distance of production break may exceed 1 meter

according to the relevant person in charge of Shanghai Mitsubishi, the sales performance of Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator in 2010 was satisfactory. It is expected that the annual output will exceed 40000 sets, and the main business income will exceed 10billion yuan. It will become the first enterprise with an annual output value of more than 10 billion yuan in China's elevator industry. According to expert analysis, with the production of the new escalator factory, the escalator production capacity of Shanghai Mitsubishi will be greatly improved, providing a strong guarantee for Shanghai Mitsubishi to continue to lead China's elevator industry

Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd. was established in January, 1987. After 23 years of entrepreneurship and development, the company has become one of the largest elevator manufacturing and sales enterprises in China. Since 1993, Shanghai Mitsubishi has ranked first in all major economic indicators of the elevator industry in China for 17 consecutive years. In 2009, Shanghai Mitsubishi successfully overcame the great challenge of the global economic crisis. In the whole year, it produced 33387 elevators, with a main business income of more than 8billion yuan, becoming the world's largest elevator enterprise in terms of annual production and sales of a single factory. In 2010, under the market situation of the state's strict regulation and control of the real estate industry, Shanghai Mitsubishi responded to the changing market environment in a timely and effective manner by adopting active marketing strategies and control measures, realizing the sustainable and stable development of the enterprise in adverse circumstances. It is estimated that in 2010, the production and sales volume of Shanghai Mitsubishi will exceed 40000 sets, the main business income will exceed 10billion yuan, the production and sales volume and operating income will achieve a double breakthrough, set a new record since the joint venture, and continue to lead China's elevator industry

in recent years, the cumulative factory output and output value of Shanghai Mitsubishi have constantly jumped to a new level, repeatedly breaking the records of China's elevator industry. On April 25th, 2007, Shanghai Mitsubishi's 150000 elevators were delivered to Beijing National Library. On November 21st, 2008, the 200000 Shanghai Mitsubishi elevators were delivered to the Shanghai WorldExpo center. On April 23rd, 2010, the 250000 elevators of Shanghai Mitsubishi were delivered to Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport. The annual output will exceed 40000 units in 2010, and it will become the first enterprise in China's elevator industry to enter the 10 billion club

in the 12th Five Year Plan, the state clearly proposed to speed up the construction of infrastructure such as subway, high-speed rail, urban light rail and commercial services, and the demand for high-quality escalators and moving sidewalks will increase. At the same time, with the gradual launch of the national 4trillion yuan investment project, the product demand of the elevator market also shows certain structural changes, and the market demand for high-quality and low-cost escalators is rising. In addition, in recent years, domestic escalators and moving sidewalks have shown strong market competitiveness in the international market, and the international market demand has increased year by year. Statistics show that the number of escalators exported in 2008 exceeded 18000, accounting for about 70% of China's total elevator exports

it is reported that the production of the new escalator factory will certainly increase the escalator production capacity of Shanghai Mitsubishi and expand its market share. The production of Shanghai Mitsubishi escalator factory reflects that we can calculate the relative importance of the keyword and the frequency of the keyword appearing in the document adjustment set according to the keyword, and the related sex industry of some contents to promote sustainable development, improve production capacity and expand energy level. As this is a development strategy of new technology market share, it will have a positive impact on the new round of development of the enterprise

the world's largest domestic electric lightweight in the Chinese market is not actually the patent ladder of the automotive industry, taking advantage of the rising trend

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