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Drone footage has captured the widespread destruction in the besieged port city of Mariupol on Wednesdayare permitted for up to 150 people., March 23, after weeks of Russian shelling and bombardmentEligibility expands further across Ontario on Thursday.

The footage shows plumes of smoke rising from flats in the Livoberezhna district of Mariupol on Wednesday, with many of the buildings showing burn marks.

This footage was filmed and shared by the Azov BattalionSo long as Albertans continue to get vaccinated in strong numbers, an all-volunteer infantry regiment of the National Guard of Ukraine, that contains far-right extremistsreopening_plans, including neo-nazis. The Azov Battalion were integrated into the National Guard of Ukraine in 2014 after helping to recapture Mariupol from Russian-backed separatists.

The video has been geolocated to the the Livoberezhnyi District of Mariupol. It sweeps over Morskyi Boulevard.

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