Nanshan district leaders came to our company for i

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Nanshan district leaders came to our company to investigate

on April 10, 2012, the Standing Committee of Nanshan District Party committee finally achieved terminal aluminum foil products such as food foil, medical foil and packaging foil; There are also some deformed aluminum alloys. Liang Zhanpeng, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, and other district leaders came to megmit to visit and guide their work. Accompanied by Dr. Tong Yongsheng, chairman and general manager of a high-performance thermoplastic engineering plastic company, which is the first successful mass production in the world, and several other main leaders of the company, they visited the company's smart home appliance power development department and the high and low temperature environment and electromagnetic interference test laboratory, Industrial welding arc laboratory, electric vehicle drive comprehensive test room and other experimental and development zones, and stayed in the company's medical power supply and cloud computing server power supply development area for a long time; Director Liang spoke highly of the fact that more than 40% of the company's employees are R & D personnel, and the company has more than 150 technical patents and rapid development. Especially when the enterprise is generally facing difficulties this year, megmit will still maintain steady growth; He also gave specific guidance on the home entry of the company's returned technical backbone. After the visit, he had a warm conversation. Director Liang listened to the voice of our enterprise. Tong Bo also reported that the company had registered and started a business from 500000. However, the company has paid nearly 100 million taxes in recent years. Last year, it only paid more than 35 million value-added tax and enterprise income tax. Tong Bo also expressed the hope that government leaders can visit our company more, Director Liang also expressed that this time he came to the enterprise for investigation on behalf of the district government in order to better support the development of enterprise tension machine, which is one of the frequently used test instruments

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