Zhangpu, the hottest city in Fujian Province, will

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ZhangFu Color Printing Co., Ltd., a "printing giant" in Zhangpu County, Fujian Province, will be put into production. Recently, in sui'an Industrial Development Zone, Zhangpu County, ZhangFu Color Printing Development Co., Ltd., an enterprise covering an area of 50 mu, with a construction area of 25573 square meters of mandrel houses, has been established to produce medium and high-grade packaging and decoration printing products, and is ready to be officially put into production the day before September 8 this year

in March this year, the company began to discuss the introduction of Fujian fine chemicals and functional materials. At present, it has become a new trend in the industry. Heidelberg jieras em410 seven color flexographic printing machine, the only one in the color printing industry in the province, has a total value of 830000 euros. Later, the company introduced Heidelberg digital folio four-color offset printing machine and equipped with advanced printing and post press processing equipment. The trial production was successful, thus filling the blank of seven color flexible printing in Fujian Province

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