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Toilet decoration Feng Shui has a great impact on the quality of the family. Toilet is a place with plenty of water. Water is a place where Yin Qi converges in the Chinese concept. Therefore, understanding toilet decoration Feng Shui can avoid a lot of troubles. In addition, the placement of toilet toilets and mirrors is also crucial, which will also have a certain impact on toilet decoration Feng Shui. So what are the taboos of toilet decoration, Feng Shui and the placement of toilet furniture? Let's have a look

 & emsp; Toilet decoration Feng Shui should avoid

&emsp& emsp; Nowadays, many houses integrate toilets and bathrooms. In fact, whether they are separated or merged, toilets and bathrooms are places where moisture condenses. Therefore, it is the most important thing to pay attention to air circulation and sufficient sunshine. In addition, in geomantic omen, the bathroom is related to the family's reputation, promotion and school luck, so we can't ignore the geomantic omen in the bathroom

 & emsp; Avoid colliding with the gate

&emsp& emsp; The gate is the main air outlet of the house to attract good fortune and wealth; On the contrary, the bathroom is often filthy. If the door collides with the bathroom door and faces the toilet, the wealth of the family will decline day by day

 & emsp; Avoid building in the center of the residence

&emsp& emsp; Many public housing estates are designed to build toilets in the center of houses. In fact, this arrangement is inappropriate. Just think about it. The bathroom is a place that emits filth. If it is set in the center of the house, the filth will spread to the surrounding of the house, which will certainly have a negative impact on the health of the family. Therefore, it should be noted that the bathroom is only suitable to be installed in the corner of the house

 & emsp; It should be ventilated

&emsp& emsp; The most ideal bathroom should have a window of moderate size, such as the window facing east or west, so that the sun can shine in to kill bacteria and disperse moisture. In addition, keep the air fresh, otherwise the spread of filth will form “ Weisha ”, Affect the health of family members

 & emsp; Resolution method

&emsp& emsp; If you can't change the direction of the bathroom door, you can only close the door often and hang small potted plants on both sides of the door to melt the evil spirit. However, this practice can only be slightly remedied, and it's better to change the direction of the door as soon as possible

toilet decoration Feng Shui

&emsp& emsp; Toilet decoration Feng Shui toilet placement

&emsp& emsp; Feng Shui about “ Arrangement of toilet ” There are four pages in total, the first page is 1234, and the next page is &emsp& emsp; (1) The sitting direction of the toilet should not be directly opposite to the toilet door, but should be vertical or staggered with the toilet door

 & emsp; (2) The toilet should not be flushed to the bed in the open and to the stove in the dark

 & emsp; (3) The sitting direction of the toilet should not be north to south

 & emsp; (4) The sitting direction of the toilet should not be the same as the door

 & emsp; (5) The toilet should not be located at the upwind of the toilet

 & emsp; (6) The toilet should be set in a place where you can't see it at the door of the bathroom, including in the mirror

bathroom decoration Feng Shui

mirror of bathroom decoration Feng Shui Feng Shui is exquisite

&emsp& emsp; The mirror itself is a kind of “ Sha ”, We all know “ Sha ” It represents a kind of bad thing, so the placement position is determined by a certain degree. After the mirror is placed, it can be “ Sha ” Turn into a mascot. In ancient times, the mirror was often placed on the gate, which had a place to ward off evil spirits, but the mirror placed in the bathroom was for our daily self-care and cleaning. So what does it mean here

 & emsp; 1. Bathroom mirrors should not be too many

&emsp& emsp; When going to the bathroom at night, people's Yang is relatively weak, and they are usually in a trance state. Too many mirrors in the bathroom are easy to scare themselves

 & emsp; 2. The mirror should not be opposite the door

&emsp& emsp; Mirror the toilet door: when the mirror faces the toilet door, it will make the couple get into trouble when dealing with things, and weaken the sexual function of men at home, while women are prone to women's diseases

 & emsp; 3. The mirror should not be on the toilet

&emsp& emsp; The toilet is a place for excretion, that is to say, the toilet is a dirty place, which cannot be seen in the natural mirror. If it is not an independent bathroom, but a bathroom set in the bedroom, we should pay attention to the mutual avoidance of the dressing mirror and the mirror in the bathroom. As an old saying goes, “ Flowers in the mirror, moon in the water ” Represents an unrealistic ideal. The opposite of two mirrors will cause Qi field disorder, so you should keep a mirror on the washbasin. The dressing glasses are in the wardrobe

toilet decoration Feng Shui

&emsp& emsp; The above is mainly about the bathroom mirror Feng Shui. Many times we don't know so much about feng shui. For bathroom decoration, we just need to remember “ Si Yi ” It's just not suitable for four

 & emsp; Four should:

&emsp& emsp; 1. It is better to press on the evil side than on the auspicious side

 & emsp; 2. Bathrooms should be concealed

 & emsp; 3. The bathroom should be kept clean

 & emsp; 4. The bathroom should be ventilated

 & emsp; Four should not:

there are 4 pages in total, the first page is 1234, and the next page is &emsp& emsp; 1. Toilets should not be opened in the south

 & emsp; 2. The toilet should not be opened in the middle of the house

 & emsp; 3. Toilets should not be opened in the southwest or North

 & emsp; 4. The bathroom should not be changed into a bedroom

there are four pages in total, the first page 1234 the next page

the office is the center of the company's operation, management and decision-making. The quality of the geomancy in the office directly affects the development prospects of the company and the work efficiency of the staff. According to statistics, more than 80% of Taiwan companies attach great importance to the feng shui of office buildings; More than 60% of Hong Kong enterprises have carried out Feng Shui layout of their offices in different forms. Moreover, whether at home or abroad, the more successful companies pay more attention to Feng Shui. Let's take a look at which settings affect office feng shui

I. write a prosperous and wealth urging talisman on red paper. The God of wealth can enter the door happily every month by placing the star energy crystal on the office building, or the lucky fortune gathering jade seal, or the gem God of wealth on the room, or on the top left of the desk

second, the northwest of the office building should use the color of gold such as white, silver or gold, and avoid using the color of red (fire) or green (wood) that is opposite to gold. After the Feng Shui Yin and Yang in the northwest are reconciled, the noble people movement of residents can be started, and the career will be prosperous

third, although the cornucopia gathers money, whether it can be kept is also a great knowledge. If a pair of eight treasures kylin is placed next to the cornucopia, it will have the effect of saving money and reducing the house. You can also place a pair on the desk of the person in charge of the Office building company, which can make the boss's mind clearer, promote business smoothly, and have ornamental value

IV. on the wall of the external clerk's room, there are enterprise operation diagrams, flow charts, etc., which give guests an intuitive understanding of the enterprise and facilitate the next communication with the boss. The clerk should have more flowerpots and scenery in the room to protect the freshness of the indoor air and make the guests feel happy. The wall in the middle of the inside and outside should not use transparent glass, but should have a closed effect, producing a mysterious and implicit atmosphere effect

v. the reception hall of the office building is a good place to make money. There are fewer thorns and climbing plants, which are easy to hurt people and peach blossom. In addition, there are also specimens, such as fewer ox horns, which are easy to quarrel and negotiate

VI. put fish tanks, reservoirs, stones (time) in the office to operate, but pay attention to the water quality. The water is too turbid, and the financial resources are inappropriate for right and wrong. At the same time, pay attention to the flow direction of water, which should be inward rather than outward. Also pay attention to the angle of placement. If it is not placed properly, there will also be peach blossom scandal. Because aquatic wealth also dominates peach blossom, it is advisable to choose and place it carefully

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