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The gate of Ronggao villa tells you how to maintain your luxurious courtyard editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows when you have an ideal courtyard whose design and construction meet your requirements, you will feel that the quality of life has been greatly improved, but if you think that the courtyard work can be ended here, you are wrong! Courtyard is different from interior decoration. It is impossible to do it once and for all. The best courtyard needs long-term careful and professional maintenance. Without good maintenance, the best courtyard is just a flash in the pan! As the saying goes, "three planting, seven maintenance", fully illustrates the importance and scientificity of strengthening courtyard maintenance and management. Next, let's share with you the gate of Ronggao villa how to maintain its own luxury courtyard

the flowers and trees in the courtyard are alive. They can't live when planted in the soil, let alone grow well when planted in the soil. They need scientific watering, pruning, fertilization, pest control and weed control; Courtyard waterscape needs professional circulating filtration, and these equipment need regular inspection, cleaning and replacement; The aquatic plants and ornamental fish in the waterscape need suitable water quality to grow healthily, which requires scientific water change, cleaning the pool, maintaining the balance of various microorganisms in the water, and avoiding the deterioration of water quality, so as to ensure the ornamental effect; Courtyard sketches and decorations are exposed outdoors for a long time, exposed to the wind, sun and rain, which requires very professional maintenance and cleaning; There are also vegetable fields, fruit trees, special equipment, water and electricity pipelines, and so on in the courtyard. If there is no long-term careful and professional maintenance, it will not only fail to achieve or maintain the desired effect, but also there will be all kinds of headache problems for the owner, such as the withering of flowers and plants, the uncontrolled growth of trees, the deterioration of water quality in the pool, the fountains in the water system cannot spray water due to blockage, and the aging of pipelines will lead to courtyard water use, Lighting problems, etc. at that time, the flowers were no longer open, the grass was no longer green, the trees were no longer bearing fruit, the waterscape was no longer pleasing to the eye, the loess was exposed, the weeds were overgrown, the stench was pungent, and the pests and diseases were rampant. This was definitely not alarmist, but the personal experience of many villa owners

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