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Through the design of different patterns of printing and embossing molds, the overprint of multi plate printing colors, and the cooperation of various embossing lines, the wallpaper patterns are colorful

through the design of different patterns of printing and embossing molds, the overprint of multi plate printing colors, and the cooperation of various embossing lines, the wallpaper patterns are colorful. There are not only stable and generous plain paper suitable for office places, but also highly contrasting geometric figures suitable for young people; There are not only flowered paper that shows mountains and rivers, silk and bamboo, but also cartoon paper that caters to children's tastes and takes you into the wonderful fairy tale world. As long as the design is appropriate, wallpaper can create a home atmosphere of your own will

the price is suitable

before, when you enter a high-end star hotel, you may be impressed by its luxurious style. You hope that your family can be equally noble and elegant, but you are deterred by the high decoration price. Nowadays, the price plus construction cost of domestic wallpaper with adhesive backing on the market is mostly 10-20 yuan/square meter. A room of 20 square meters only costs a few hundred yuan to change its appearance. This price structure is especially suitable for the needs of working class. Home space, hotel enjoyment, constantly seeking innovation while reserving differences, and creating a popular domestic wallpaper manufacturing industry, make your dream come true

the mode cycle is short

paint or coating is used for decoration. The wall surface needs to be constructed repeatedly at least three to five times, with an interval of one day each time, that is, it takes a week. In addition, paints and coatings contain a lot of organic solvents, which may affect human health if inhaled into the body, so it is necessary to maintain indoor ventilation for more than 10 days before moving in. In this way, it will take at least half a month from decoration to completion. The selection of wallpaper decoration, a three bedroom and one living room housing, by professional wallpaper construction personnel to post wallpaper, only three people can complete, without affecting your normal life. Not long ago, Mr. Liu, who lives in Jing'an new city, Shanghai, temporarily decided to get married on March 18 because he needed to travel abroad recently. At that time, what worried Mr. Liu most was that the interior of the new house had not been decorated, but it was only 10 days away from the wedding date. For this reason, the designer recommended the use of wallpaper to him. As a result, it took only two days to complete the wallpaper posting, which also enabled Mr. Liu's wedding to be held smoothly. This example shows that reusing wallpaper to decorate a room and entrusting wallpaper sales units to provide one-stop services of design, sales and construction will make the cumbersome decoration steps very simple and easy

dirt and scrubbing resistance

if your baby likes to create, often publish the latest works on the wall; If the wall surface is accidentally soiled in summer due to beating mosquitoes, there is no need to worry about the cleaning of the wallpaper. Just wipe it with a sponge dipped in water or detergent to remove the stains. The dirt resistance and scrub resistance of adhesive wallpaper ensure that even if you repeatedly wipe it, it will not affect the beauty of the family wall

in addition, adhesive wallpaper can also meet your special needs of fire prevention, mold prevention and antibacterial

with the acceleration of China's accession to the WTO, home fashion in Europe and the United States and other developed countries will inevitably affect the consumption concept of Chinese people. In addition, wallpaper has many significant advantages over other interior decoration materials, so its popularity in China will have a geometric growth. Facing the dazzling decorative material market, only by trusting and choosing wallpaper can you make your home fashion lead the times




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