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the Feng Shui painting cloud of interior decoration means auspicious cloud, which is bestowed by heaven. The sea of clouds is boundless, the haze and cloud Ji, the table is moist and fertile, and the purple gas comes from the East; auspicious clouds fall from the sky, and a thousand auspicious signs accompany it.</p>
<p>landscape painting is a traditional auspicious painting in China, which means evergreen, backed by mountains, water (wealth) flowing long, and peace.</p>
<p>treasure basin landscape, from the bottom of the painting, we can see that all water (wealth) All flow to Tanzhong to gather, but do not flow out, which means gathering money</p>
<p>the landscape picture of the cornucopia has a profound implication: there is a source of wealth before, and a backer behind; On the left, there is a fortune tree, and on the right, there is a disaster tree; profits pouring in from all sides; The red sun symbolizes good luck; The sun rises in the East, which is magnificent, authoritative and famous. It is suitable for offices and business places. Bring you a lot of money!

the benefits of decorating Feng Shui paintings and hanging calligraphy and paintings at home

whether you want to increase the indoor air freshness and broaden your personal style; Whether you are to increase your enthusiasm for life, improve your feng shui fortune and pray for good luck; Whether you want to enjoy the beauty of the picture alone or wander in the natural harmony of the picture; Whether you are a collector, appreciation and preservation, leaving endless wealth and treasures for future generations; Or are you simply increasing the beauty, harmony and happiness of the house decoration In a tasteful home, how can there be less exquisite calligraphy and painting works of famous masters

first, fill the wall and add vitality

the decoration with four white floors is too monotonous. Hanging a painting and calligraphy can not only add color to the wall, beautify the home, but also add a bit of poetic flavor to family life, break the boring tone and inject vitality. In addition, some rooms that lack sunlight are prone to depression after being in them for a long time, which must be remedied. For example, hanging green landscape paintings on the dark walls of your home can make up for the defects in lighting. Let the whole home atmosphere live

second, set off the elegance and connotation of the host, appreciate and enjoy the beauty of art, and strive to cultivate morality and reason

landscape painting is the habitat of the busy mind. Frequent reading can not only understand the natural way of the unity of heaven and man, but also improve the life taste and self-cultivation of the host at home. Mountains are tall, thick and broad-minded, breeding and containing flowers, trees, birds and animals. Looking up at the mountains, people are so small! Water, flexible and low-key, nurtures all things, and is evil to all people without contention. Watching the stream water quietly, people are so ugly! Landscape painting is an artistic portrayal of natural beauty. It is a contradictory combination of opposites and unity between high and low, large and small, rigid and soft, etc. human beings are only a trivial and even negligible bit in nature. Therefore, human beings should integrate into nature and fear nature

third, boost the look of home and adjust family Feng Shui

in fact, calligraphy and paintings that seem to have no vitality also have the aura of five elements, which has a certain aura and can play a certain role of geomantic compensation. For example, the five elements of landscape painting belong to water, and it must be a good choice for people who lack water to hang a landscape painting at home. In ancient times, Yunshan was in charge of people and money; It is also said that benevolent people love mountains and wise people enjoy water; Mountains are reliable, and running water is wealth. These will also play a role in boosting good fortune and improving Feng Shui

IV. create a rich atmosphere and improve fortune

calligraphy and paintings are hung in the living room. In this space of meeting friends and entertaining guests and family reunion, it not only reflects the hobbies of the home owner, but also represents the owner's taste, aesthetics, temperament and taste. At the same time, it plays a very important role in improving the look of home and creating a rich atmosphere. Therefore, taking auspicious calligraphy and painting as a decorative painting at home and hanging it in the living room in order to add icing on the cake and make it prosperous is one of the layout methods of a good home. Example: hanging a landscape painting with sunrise on the east wall of your home will have a good effect of the rising sun

V. It is joyful and inspiring

family is a harbor of happiness. Families full of cultural and humanistic atmosphere have more harmonious feelings and life. There are paintings and calligraphy hanging at home, which has certain implications for the growth of children's hearts; When families take group photos, when "family meetings" and when they meet again after a long separation, calligraphy and painting at home have become a symbol and background to highlight happiness and joy, which are vaguely engraved in the memory of home. Sitting down and enjoying it in your spare time makes you relaxed and happy

Feng Shui painting in the living room

if there is a boat in the landscape painting, the bow of the boat had better face inward, which symbolizes attracting money and treasure. If it looks out of the house, it means losing money and bad luck. Generally, when hanging pictures about galloping horses, you should also pay attention to the horse head facing the house

but if you hang pictures of beasts, such as lions, tigers, etc., it's best not to face your head indoors, which is easy to cause bad effects on family members and make people feel flustered and stuffy

4. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it is not suitable to hang some paintings with bleak artistic conception at home, which is easy to make people lifeless, give people a decadent artistic conception, and make people lose a good mood for a long time

some of the natural stones sold on the market now have artificial colors. These stones will show their true faces after half to a year of use. Jerry built, the thickness of these stones has been thinned, and the strength is not enough, so a grid is added. Generally, if there is a grid for darker stones, most of it is this factor. Artificial stone is a kind of artificial stone made of unsaturated polyester resin as binder, natural marble or calcite, dolomite, silica sand, glass powder and other inorganic powder, as well as an appropriate amount of flame retardant, color and so on, which is shaped and solidified by mixing ingredients, casting, vibration compression, extrusion and other methods

natural stones are mainly divided into two kinds in daily use: marble and granite. Generally speaking, those with texture are called marble, and those with spots are called granite. This is in a broad sense. In a narrow sense, marble refers to the stone produced in Dali, Yunnan Province. In fact, there are few stones from Dali all over the country now

these two can also be distinguished from geological concepts. Granite is an igneous rock, also known as acid crystalline plutonite. It is the most widely distributed rock in igneous rocks. It is composed of feldspar, quartz and mica. Its composition is mainly silica, accounting for about 65% - 75%. The rock is hard and dense. The so-called igneous rock is the rock formed by the condensation and crystallization of underground magma or volcanic eruption lava. The properties of stones are determined by the content of silica in igneous rocks, the properties and content of feldspar. When the content of silicon dioxide is greater than 65%, it belongs to acid rock. When basic minerals such as orthoclase, plagioclase and quartz form crystals, they are in granular structure, which is called granite





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