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Zhangmengqing, chief economist of Anhui Heli: there is a way to spend the winter in it throttling

zhangmengqing, chief economist of Anhui Heli: there is a way to spend the winter in it throttling

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Guide: as the chief economist and director of Information Department of Anhui Heli Co., Ltd., Zhang Mengqing has been very busy recently. Over the past few months, he has been working nonstop in various branches to promote lean production and establish an internal control system, which are also his two major tasks this year. Open source and throttling are important for enterprises to cope with the financial crisis

as the chief economist and director of Information Department of Anhui Heli Co., Ltd., zhangmengqing has been very busy recently. Over the past few months, he has been working nonstop in various branches to promote lean production and establish an internal control system, which are also his two major tasks this year

"open source and throttling are two major ways for enterprises to cope with the financial crisis. As enterprise managers, throttling is our main task, especially using information-based means to achieve throttling." Zhangmengqing said

in June this year, according to the Research Report of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 180 listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets predicted losses for the first time. Like most listed enterprises, Anhui Heli was also shrouded in the haze of the financial crisis: in the first three quarters of 2008, the number of Heli forklifts exported was about 9000; By the fourth quarter, it had dropped sharply to 1000 sets, and the total export volume in the three months was only the amount of the previous month

despite the difficult times, heli has not reduced the IT budget while reducing expenditure and strengthening informatization. "Internal control system, data mining and product R & D are the three themes of informatization this year, and they are also the main ways for it to help enterprises save money for the winter. They represent the trend of enterprise informatization in the next decade." Zhangmengqing said

On June 28, 2008, when Chinese enterprises were feeling the financial crisis, the Ministry of finance, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the National Audit Office, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission and other five ministries and commissions jointly issued a notice on the implementation of the basic norms of enterprise internal control (hereinafter referred to as the norms). The norms, known as the "Sarbanes' law of China", was originally scheduled to be implemented on July 1, 2009, At present, the implementation of the code and its supporting guidelines has been postponed to january1,2010

the delay in the implementation of the code first indicates that the implementation requires a lot of preparatory work, and at the same time reflects the difficulty in establishing the internal control system of Chinese enterprises. However, establishing a perfect internal control system and improving the ability to resist risks has become an unavoidable issue for Chinese listed enterprises, and resultant force is no exception

in the specification, it system is both a control means and a control object. It is not only an effective supporting means to realize risk assessment, control activities and internal supervision, but also the monitoring object of the internal control system. In the "information and communication" section, the specification specifies the content control of the enterprise IT system in detail. "The establishment of an enterprise's internal control system will be a huge project." Zhangmengqing said

since this year, heli has made a three-year plan for the enterprise's internal control system, which will also become the main work focus of zhangmengqing in the next three years. Zhangmengqing said that to establish an internal control system, we must first study the system framework. For this, heli will adopt the consulting method

"through consultation, we will evaluate all internal control systems, including IT systems, to find loopholes and problems, so as to improve the deficiencies." Zhangmengqing said. Under this guiding ideology, the three-year plan will be implemented in three steps, the first step is diagnosis and analysis, the second step is to start to establish the corresponding internal control manual and internal control system, and the third step is the implementation of the manual

zhangmengqing is very clear that although the specification will be implemented on January 1 next year, for most enterprises, the establishment of the internal control system will be a long and arduous process, "it is difficult to see results in a short time."

lean production

"'a weak heart leads to a weak will, and a weak will leads to a failure '. Wait and see will never be a joint effort. Taking the lean road and striving against the trend is our answer." This was an impassioned speech made by general manager yanganguo at the launching ceremony of Heli lean production mode in June, 2009

it seems unwise for other enterprises to choose lean production in a crisis year. Because lean production is a bone that China's manufacturing industry hasn't chewed for 30 years. It has been 30 years since Chinese enterprises introduced Japanese Toyota production mode, and lean production is the essence of Toyota mode. Nevertheless, lean production is still a familiar "stranger" to Chinese enterprises, because the Chinese manufacturing industry, which always advertises "capacity", does not need it. Today, overcapacity has just become the "culprit" of the spread of the financial crisis. Lean production has become a subject that Chinese enterprises have to face. Efficiency issues have really entered the "heart" of enterprises

zhangmengqing admits that although the ERP system has been fully launched, heli, like most large manufacturing enterprises, is not ideal in using information systems to control costs. The lean production launched by the company this time is to use the original information data to screen every node of the production and management links, find out the waste and non value-added points, and sort out a production and management process that takes up the least resources and has the greatest benefits

this will put forward a strict test on the enterprise's R & D capability and various product data resources. It requires as much detailed test data and design experience as possible, and also relies on the daily dynamic data provided by the information system. In addition to input and output, the detailed data, such as task flow between teams and teams, equipment startup and shutdown, are also sent to relevant departments for analysis one by one, so as to re sort out the process

it is not difficult to see that the high-performance biodegradable composite materials show high strength and good flexibility for the details of "life reduction" of products. The essence of lean production is a management process, a process re carding, and a culture. The informatization "molting project" advocated by zhangmengqing two years ago has implanted the gene of process reengineering into enterprises. In 2007, under the concept of "long-term flow", zhangmengqing did not advocate the reform of "breaking muscles and bones", but "shed the skin" on Heli ERP and even the gap smooth system in some places. Under the subtle influence, he completed the alternate upgrade and spiral rise of management system and business process

"lean production is the sublimation of the molting project. A large amount of production data is sleeping in the ERP system, but data collection is not the only purpose of informatization. Without using data to make changes to the enterprise, informatization is a waste." Zhangmengqing believes that the deep data mining represented by giving full play to the advantages of Bi in Linzhou auto parts industry will become a new hot spot of enterprise informatization under the crisis

sublimation R & D

under the financial crisis, many enterprises put the money they saved into "finding the market". For example, in the clothing industry, the supply chain has become the only choice for enterprises to deal with the crisis, "sell as many goods with half the money." Hanyongsheng, a professor at the school of management of the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that products are not the core competitiveness of garment enterprises. "The imitation speed is too fast." Using information technology to innovate the supply chain model and reduce inventory has become the last weapon for enterprises to win

as for the resultant force with the most comprehensive coverage and the longest product line in the world, products are always one of the most important core competitiveness. Since its establishment in 1993, heli has established the business philosophy of "transforming traditional industries with high and new technologies", and is committed to the research and development of new products of forklifts and supporting parts

as one of the demonstration enterprises of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" and "two dumping" in Anhui Province, the informatization of Heli forklift has been basically promoted and applied in R & D management, three-dimensional R & D, manufacturing management and virtual manufacturing. G series forklift truck is the first batch of national independent innovation products with the theme of green environmental protection, which is basically fully digital development

"product leadership is the prerequisite for market leadership. It is the most difficult to be imitated. If we do not invest in product research and development in advance, we will be very passive in the follow-up competition." Zhangmengqing said that he did his best to find out the key elements through the flow chart. Despite the huge impact of the financial crisis, heli put the largest part of the IT budget into product research and development

after the baptism of CAD and PDM, zhangmengqing believes that product R & D has solved the problems of platforms and tools, but can not solve the whole process of product from conception to engineering. Although Heli can not fully realize virtualization, it is already moving in this direction

this year, heli will adopt consulting and software methods in product R & D, and further refine R & D through subject cooperation. For example, the project team of the company's technology center is busy analyzing the heat dissipation effect of the forklift heat dissipation system and developing a set of efficient heat dissipation schemes. This subject is undertaken by a company focusing on the field of forklift cooling in the industry. It will be combined with software analysis and finally presented in a consulting report to provide a feasible solution for the lean production training department

"such a service is precise and expensive, but it is what we need most." Zhangmengqing believes that R & D investment is a long-term work. On the one hand, we can take advantage of external forces through topics and consultation, and more importantly, we can cultivate our own talent team, which is the hope of the future

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