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Zhangxinwen, director of SASAC of Shandong Province, led a team to visit and investigate Weichai

zhangxinwen, director of SASAC of Shandong Province, led a team to visit and investigate Weichai

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in April, Weichai Industrial Park had a drizzle. Accompanied by tanxuguang, chairman of the board of directors, when manufacturing molds, Zhang Xinwen and his delegation visited Weichai Foundry Industrial Park Phase III, plant 1, plant 2, product laboratory and science and technology exhibition hall. Throughout the morning, in Weichai Industrial Park, zhangxinwen had a detailed understanding of the current production and operation of the enterprise and the application of the integration of industrialization and industrialization in the whole life cycle of the product, deeply realized the great driving role of the "three rules" in the Phoenix Nirvana of the enterprise, and specifically proposed to summarize, exchange and promote Weichai's independent innovation, information construction, building a platform for employee communication and exchange

at the symposium held that afternoon, tanxuguang introduced in detail the operation and development experience of Shandong heavy industry and Weichai group to zhangxinwen and his delegation. Tanxuguang believes that the rapid development of Weichai in recent ten years stems from the clear strategic direction and path of the company, the strategic thinking of the management team, and the strategic decision-making power at critical moments; The boldness and public will of bold reform, unswervingly promote reform, constantly deny themselves, face up to contradictions, and dare to encounter difficulties; Always maintain high investment in technology research and development, adhere to the combination of independent innovation and open cooperation, and establish a research and development mechanism of "self oriented and chain innovation"; Rationally understand and use the power of capital, adhere to the principle of industrial operation and capital operation assistance, and realize the two wheel drive of industrial operation and capital operation; It has built a talent team capable of fighting a hard battle and strong execution, and cultivated and formed a Weichai culture of being oriented and passionate

it has been developing rapidly for more than ten years. When the economy has entered the new normal, tanxuguang also deeply analyzed the problems existing in the company management and control, industrial investment, overseas mergers and acquisitions, etc. Subsequently, Jiangkui, general manager of Shandong heavy industry group, and Xuhong, Zhang Quan, lvshousheng, Hu Haoran, leaders of Weichai group, introduced and put forward relevant opinions and suggestions on overseas mergers and acquisitions, Party building, market conditions, human resource management, technological innovation, etc

zhangxinwen fully affirmed the rapid development of Shandong heavy industry and Weichai group. The leaders of the SASAC who came to visit and investigate made comments one by one, and put forward targeted opinions and suggestions on the development of the enterprise. At the same time, they said that the SASAC would strive to provide good services for the enterprise and promote the development of the enterprise

zhangxinwen pointed out that the development model of Weichai was not developed overnight, but the result of persistent and continuous reform. This time, I listened to the introduction of Weichai's development experience in a comprehensive and systematic way, and expressed my sincere admiration for Weichai's development. Standing at the commanding height of China's manufacturing industry, Weichai summed up the experience in place and analyzed the problems accurately. Next, SASAC will summarize and refine Weichai's "three three system" reform, technological innovation, talent introduction, corporate culture and other aspects, and establish a model, In its operation and use, we should also abide by the rules that Chinese enterprises need to import a range of two to three hundred billion yuan a year, and promote it among provincial enterprises

zhangxinwen believes that a successful enterprise must have a good leading group and a bold leader. Chairman tanxuguang is a practical entrepreneur, who does not engage in formality, practice and work in a down-to-earth manner. In the current situation of increasing downward pressure on the economy, we hope that Shandong heavy industry will take a good lead, resist the pressure, expand the market and make contributions to the economic development of Shandong Province. The more the economy goes down, the better the opportunity for structural adjustment, merger and reorganization and market occupation. We hope that Shandong heavy industry can seize the opportunity, give full play to the influence of advantageous assets and brands, improve market share, enhance the differentiated influence of brands depending on specific materials, and lead the new normal of economy. Shandong SASAC will fully support the development of Shandong heavy industry and Weichai group

Zhang Xinwen also issued a "prescription" for the problems encountered in the development of the enterprise. First, while maintaining profitability, enterprises should resolutely manage loss making enterprises and stop bleeding points; Second, we should actively explore new business models, strengthen independent innovation, and promote major technological innovation. SASAC will play the role of platform coordination and integration; Third, we should do a good job in publicity planning, adopt a new communication mode, and do a good job in brand communication

tanxuguang said that Secretary Zhang Xinwen has put forward very good guiding opinions on the development of Shandong heavy industry and Weichai group. We must study and implement them well, face the current situation, actively respond, deepen reform, transformation and upgrading, innovation driven, and lead the new normal state of economic development

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