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"Technology winner" after the 80's of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.: worker and technician Zhang Pu

therefore, "technology winner" after the 80's of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.: worker and technician Zhang Pu

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golden September, the sky is clear, and it is carefully selected by Shaanxi coal industry association, Shaanxi energy and chemical geology Union and Shaanxi coal and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. through democratic discussion, public joint evaluation and publicity, The results of the first selection of "the most beautiful employee" of Shaanxi coal system were announced. Six coal mining enterprise employees in Shaanxi Province won the honorary title of "the most beautiful miner", and nine workers including Zhang Pu, the foreman of the second machinist and technician of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., won the nomination award of "the most beautiful miner"

the "technical master" after the 80's of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.: the worker and technician Zhang Pu

the "technical master" after the 80's of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.: the worker and technician Zhang Pu

mentioned Zhang Pu's name in Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., and the employees all raised their thumbs: the "technical master" of CNC lathe! Born in 1981, he seems to have become the "bearer" of the CNC lathe operation position of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. at a young age! For more than 14 years of work, he has successively won the "national quality excellent management group", "Provincial Outstanding craftsman" and "provincial technical expert" issued by the all China Federation of trade unions; "First place in the numerical control lathe industry challenge arena of the first Shaanxi workers' science and Technology Festival", "scientific and technological innovation award of enterprises supervised by the provincial SASAC", "fourth place in the third provincial state-owned enterprise workers' numerical control lathe industry competition", "Shaanxi coal chemical technology expert" and many other honors

"the fragrance of plum blossom comes from the bitter cold". Zhang Pu's achievements are not the special care of the leaders. He has the operating skills of various lathes. When some young industrial workers of the same age are laughing around the wine table and card table, he carefully reads a large number of relevant professional books under the light and self-taught Auto CAD, Soidworks, MasterCAM and other drawing, modeling and programming software. Whenever he encountered a problem, he would use his notebook to record it. Afterwards, he would read the books or consult the technical personnel. It was particularly important to maintain the weight of all kinds of notebooks for more than ten years. When he opened these old notebooks, they were filled with all kinds of drawings, and there were traces of changes on some pages. He practiced operation at work and studied hard after work. Soon, he stood alone in his work. His workmates called him "Xiao Zhang" from the beginning to "Master Zhang" today. He also became the youngest class leader of the workshop

while completing his own work, he always stands at the forefront of the production line in the workshop. When a technical fault occurs, he rushes to the scene for treatment at the first time; In case of production emergency, he gave up rest and continued to stick to his post; When the worker rests and the manufacturer should add the corresponding control system, he comes to the equipment to check and maintain the equipment. Last year, when the company produced sum820 paver, there was a problem in processing a sprocket in the workshop. Time is tight, the task is heavy, and the requirements for difficulty and precision are great. Many teachers dare not try easily under such pressure, but he bravely stood up and accepted the challenge. After being extremely familiar with the equipment, I spent several nights standing in front of the CNC lathe, thinking, programming, making tooling and processing decisively, and finally completed this arduous task within the limits of the equipment and the specified nodes of processing

over the past few years, he has produced more than 60 kinds of jigs and fixtures, greatly improving the work efficiency. Because he can work and can work, he was employed as a part-time process worker by the company's Process Research Institute in 2013. As a post-80s man, he became a famous teacher in the company's "master and apprentice" activity

"a single flower is not spring. A hundred flowers bloom and spring fills the garden." Through learning, studying and participating in technical competitions, Zhang Pu rapidly improved his own technology. In order to give full play to the overall processing level of the team, he also carried out skill teaching from time to time, discussed skills with everyone, and imparted the good methods and techniques he had summarized and accumulated to his workmates and apprentices without reservation. He also served as a coach before the workshop technical competition, playing a leading role in "technical mastery"

there are many paths in life. Zhang Pu has chosen to devote himself to his favorite CNC machine tool processing technology for 15 years and sprinkled his youth around the boring lathe. In the past 15 years, he insisted that he was enterprising. Although his job was only a few feet away, the various mechanical equipment of the company he participated in manufacturing fought hard in the depths of the mountains and rivers of the motherland, and displayed his magic power in the north and south of the motherland

he has silently contributed to his post, respected the elderly and filial piety in his family life, had noble morality in the development of the enterprise, and is proficient in the application of technology. He has infected and influenced everyone around him with his practical actions, and has become the "most beautiful employee" in everyone's mind! It is the goal of doing and an example of learning. As a young employee, Zhang Pu dances his youth with studiousness and pursues his dreams with hard work in ordinary jobs, which is the hope of China's new generation of industrial workers

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