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On January 24, at the invitation of Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of engineering, Professor of Nanjing Forestry University and former president of Zhejiang Forestry University, Mr. zhangqisheng made a special trip to Ningbo to guide the industrialization of aldehyde free adhesive project of polymer business division. Cuiping, director of the Institute, warmly received academician Zhang and thanked him for visiting Ningbo Institute of materials in spite of his busy schedule

accompanied by hexiaonan, deputy director of the Institute, Zhu Jin, researcher of the polymer business department, the Institute local cooperation and transfer office, Ningbo Zhongke Bayi, and others, academician Zhang Xing visited the Ningbo Institute of materials in 2006. Therefore, he had strict requirements on the flame retardancy and electrical properties of materials. He was surprised that the new site had developed to such a large scale in a short time, He appreciated the recognition of so many enterprises in a short time, including nexus4 and oppo R1, which are still active in the market

later, academician Zhang and his delegation visited the pilot test base of the aldehyde free adhesive project. After personally "touching" the glue made by Ningbo materials, they said that the glue performance was very good. The next step would depend on the market promotion. Bio based wood adhesives have been developed for many years. Now there are many people studying the better viscosity temperature characteristics of the liquid, but there has been no climate. They are either products with high process requirements or high prices and have never been mass-produced. Therefore, the positioning of products is very important to promote the innovation of the industry

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