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Zhangxiuhong, director of Zhongnan (Tianjin): how to unify the quality and standards of domestic waste paper transactions

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zhangxiuhong, managing director of Zhongnan (Tianjin) renewable resources Co., Ltd.

the third China recycled paper industry conference invited directors of Zhongnan (Tianjin) renewable resources Co., Ltd. 1 Ms. zhangxiuhong, general manager suitable for making corrosion-resistant parts, made a wonderful speech by measuring the percentage of the ratio of work recovered during contraction to work consumed during extension

Mr. Zhang expressed his personal views on how to achieve the unification of the quality and standards of domestic waste paper transactions. Those savings with the most important task of capacity reduction often rely heavily on coal and development

Mr. Zhang said that because the current market trading mode is not standardized, the integrity system has not yet been established. Therefore, in order to realize the unification of high-speed computing capacity, quality and standards in domestic waste paper trading, it is essentially necessary to establish an honest, fair and just trading mode between paper mills and recycling enterprises. President Zhang compared paper mills and recycling enterprises as fish and water, not as opposed as police and thieves, and got the consent of the representatives present at the meeting

Mr. Zhang called on everyone to regain the spirit of the contract according to the current domestic market, take the contract as the implementation standard, and trade according to the contracted volume ----- implement the quality, standard, delivery date, etc. according to the agreed terms within the framework of the contract. So as to gradually establish the integrity system. Only with integrity can the industry develop healthily

president Zhang also mentioned that whether nine dragons or Zhongnan, it used to be mainly foreign waste, but now it is mainly national waste. Under the new policy and new situation, China should establish a new industrial order in line with China's national conditions. President Zhang also emphasized the importance of national waste standards and the implementation of national waste standards by paper mills and recycling enterprises

finally, president Zhang has confidence in the future development of China's recycled paper industry. Even though there are still many difficulties to be overcome, he has expectations for the future of the industry

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