Zhangxiuwen, chairman of zhihuotui, attended the s

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Zhangxiuwen, chairman of Shantui, attended the equipment China enterprise leaders' summit Zhangxiuwen, chairman of Shantui, participated in the equipment China enterprise leaders' summit

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on March 20, "2015 equipment China enterprise leaders' summit" and "2014 China Electromechanical industry annual person award ceremony" were held in Beijing. Chairman zhangxiuwen was invited to attend the summit on how to judge the lubrication performance of lubricants through the wear spot measurement of Jinan Shijin 4-ball experimental machine. As an awarding guest, he and wangruixiang, President of China Machinery Industry Federation jointly presented the award to the new "person of the year in China's mechanical and electrical industry"

zhangxiuwen, chairman of Shantui, attended the equipment China enterprise leaders' summit and wangruixiang, chairman of China Machinery Industry Federation, delivered a speech. He proposed that the machinery industry shoulder the mission of ending the 12th Five Year Plan, starting the 13th five year plan and building a manufacturing power, understand the new normal, adapt to the new normal, lead the new normal, and become the top priority of the whole industry. Therefore, we should take the initiative to adapt to the new challenges and requirements of the new normal for the machinery industry, and concentrate on our own work. In the process of speed change, structural optimization and power transformation, we should adhere to innovation driven, intelligent transformation, strengthening the foundation and green development, strive to promote the industrial structure towards the middle and high end, step into the quality and benefit development path, and accelerate the transformation from a large mechanical country to a powerful mechanical country

chairman zhangxiuwen of Shantui attended the equipment China enterprise leaders' summit

chairman zhangxiuwen of Shantui attended the equipment China enterprise leaders' summit

. During this period, chairman zhangxiuwen had in-depth exchanges with caiweici, special adviser of the China Machinery Association for absolute displacement between the two points of the test sample in the stretching process, and Sun Ying, vice president of the China mechanical and electrical industry magazine. He said that after 35 years of intensive work in the industry, Shantui Co., Ltd. has accumulated rich experience in R & D, manufacturing, testing and use. By adhering to the endogenous development path of "host + core parts", and through all-round control from point to line and from line to surface, the reliability of products has taken the lead in the industry and become the preferred choice of more and more customers at home and abroad. At present, the main business market share of Shantui bulldozer has reached 60%. Road machinery products rank among the top three in the industry. Concrete, fire engines, loaders and other products go hand in hand, and the diversified strategic industrial layout has been preliminarily completed. In 2015, Shantui's new technology experience activity with the theme of "new technology, new energy and new value" has been launched in the industry to ensure the realization of the goals of "specialization of special products, lean of conventional products and standardization of new products". In addition, the company has vigorously carried out the activity of "benevolent Confucian businessmen" within the company, actively advocated "honest labor and honest management", and rewarded customers with high-quality products to win the market and profits. In the face of the new normal of economy, Shantui will focus on the quality assurance of mass-produced products through such quantification, deepen the reform of system and mechanism, improve the ability of independent innovation, pool outstanding talents, improve the level of lean management, promote brand promotion, improve quality and efficiency, actively respond to complex economic situations, accelerate transformation and upgrading, firmly grasp the initiative of development, and achieve sustainable and healthy development

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