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Printing analysis and the implementation of staccato shifangjia FM plus

the printing value service provided by Cleo enables customers to obtain the greatest competitive advantage from the Cleo system. Both sheet fed printers and rotary printers can benefit from it. By using the unique functions of Cleo system, printers have found an effective way of business development and improved production efficiency; They turn low-level price competition into strategic competition, and improve the bottom line of competition through the integration of business processes. Creole's "printing value" service can help Creole users realize what unique advantages their investment in Creole can bring to them. Cleo's technologies, such as squarespot square light spot thermal imaging technology, staccato shifangjia FM plus, and spotless spot color printing, allow printers to be flexible in the era of increasingly fierce competition and low profit printing

the square light spot is thermally sensitive, so what causes the leakage? It mainly includes the following three points: for example, the clioquinton series direct plate making machine adopts the square light spot thermal imaging technology, which can achieve unparalleled accuracy and reliability. At present, Kunteng's equipment can provide stable and consistent images (the size of points remains the same), which can remain unchanged even when the printing plate chemicals change, and adopts the tangent pendulum force measuring mechanism. This makes it possible for the printing factory to formulate process control standards in order to control the printing process in the whole printing process. In this way, the printing factory can reduce waste and adopt advanced processing technology, such as shifangjia FM processing

shifangjia FM plus

printing customers have more and more requirements for printers. Among the requirements of customers, high fidelity, wider color gamut, more realistic images and less defects bear the brunt. In order to win the competition, some printers have adopted high-resolution amplitude modulation, hoping to meet the requirements of customers in terms of detailed performance. However, even the most delicate amplitude modulation will not eliminate defects such as moire, and large-area tone transfer (Rose spot) cannot be avoided when calibration is not on time. It is the emergence of shifangjia that makes many printers realize that the most effective way to meet customer requirements is to abandon am

typical am plus has different point sizes and the same point distance; While shifangjiajia uses fine dots of the same size and distributes them in the image in a random form, which can greatly reduce printing reproduction problems, such as half tone rose spots and moire, and highly express print details, improving the color stability and color gamut on the printing machine

in addition, shifangjia can also realize spot color free printing, replacing spot color with printing color, and expanding the color gamut to a greater extent

the use of shifangjia FM plus

when printing plate imaging, the smaller the point, the more stringent process control is often required; Plate imaging must be accurate, consistent and reliable. Clioquinton direct plate making machine with square light spot thermal imaging can achieve this extremely challenging stability and consistency

in fact, square dots will transform prepress into an efficient printing production environment. Once the plate making is stable and reliable, changes in other areas can be found and controlled. If this step is completed, the printer can set sifangjia as the default addition method, making it a competitive advantage

implementation process

if Cleo's Kunteng direct plate making machine is adopted, the stability will be "innate", that is to say, it meets the first step of efficient printing. The initial installation of Kunteng equipment should ensure that the specifications of the equipment are accurate and the printing plates used meet the standards. The routine adjustment between live parts can be omitted: the Cleo Quinton direct plate making machine can automatically compensate for factors such as the irregularity of the printing plate surface, temperature changes and so on

many advantages of sifangjia FM plus come from the high transfer rate of ink from the printer to the substrate. "Shifangjia implementation service package" can provide analysis and adjustment services, and truly realize these advantages. These services include roller maintenance, temperature control, ink balance, chemical dispensing and ink setting to ensure the successful application of sifanga by printers

once stability is achieved in printing, tone calibration curves are created. These curves will ensure the ideal effect of printing. You can also create different curves for different printing presses, different ink settings, and different substrates. In addition, the proofing equipment can also be calibrated by pressing the start button to ensure the accurate performance of the final print

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