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The largest printing and packaging industry cluster base in Shaanxi Province has begun to take shape.

at present, more than 20 projects that have entered the zone involve the production and production of printing and packaging, logistics, book publishing. Some companies may choose to move their factories out of the United States, such as material distribution, audio and video production, CD replication, etc., with a total investment of 2.4 billion yuan

Xi'an printing and packaging industry base with a total investment of 10 billion yuan, It is located in caotan ecological park of national Xi'an Economic and Technological Development Zone. Since the foundation of the base was laid in early April 2005, in just over a year, 26 large and small printing and packaging and related enterprises have gathered in the base, with a total investment of 2.4 billion yuan, making it the largest printing and packaging industry cluster in Shaanxi Province

Xi'an printing and packaging industry base is a key project determined in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" development plan of printing in Shaanxi Province, and it is also a printing and packaging industry base determined by Xi'an municipal government in the new industrial layout. The planned land area is 6000 mu, with 2500 mu for phase I development and construction and 3500 mu for phase II. The processing and manufacturing industry covers an area of 4500 mu, and the industrial services and living services cover an area of 1500 mu. The total investment target is 10billion yuan, including about 7billion yuan in processing and manufacturing industry and 3billion yuan in industrial and living services. By 2010, there will be more than 1000 regional processing and manufacturing enterprises and various service enterprises, with a total investment of 10billion yuan, an annual income of 10billion yuan from technology, industry and trade, an industrial output value of 6billion yuan, and a tax of 800million yuan

20 years ago, Shaanxi India had high speed control accuracy; The pressure measurement system adopts a 3-sensor structure, and the total output value of the brush packaging industry ranks first from the bottom among the 40 domestic industries. However, by 2005, it has risen to 12th. At the same time, various printing and packaging industrial parks and bases have sprung up across the country. Shaanxi is a big cultural province, and Xi'an is also a historical ancient city. Science and technology, education and cultural industries are developed, especially an important gathering place of national higher education. However, the printing and packaging industry in Xi'an and Shaanxi is relatively backward. According to statistics, there are 3799 printing enterprises of all kinds in the province, with nearly 100000 printing employees. However, due to the prominent industrial structural contradictions, excess low-level production capacity and insufficient printing production level of high-grade products, the total annual output value of the printing industry is only 6billion yuan. Shaanxi apple is world-famous, but the packaging of Shaanxi apple can only be customized in the South; There are also many high-end printed materials of cultural publishing units that can only be customized in other places. It can no longer meet the needs of Shaanxi's economic development

in order to meet the needs of major provinces in the printing and packaging industry, Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Publishing Bureau, Xi'an Municipal Economic Commission and Xi'an Publishing Bureau recognized after investigation that industrial agglomeration is the development direction of today's printing and packaging industry layout, so they decided to establish Xi'an printing and packaging industry base in the caotan ecological park in the northern suburbs of Xi'an. As a cultural industry, the base has been included in the economic and social development plan of Shaanxi Province during the 11th five year plan. Xi'an municipal Party committee and government also regarded the construction of printing and packaging base as one of the industrial parks that need to be accelerated in 2006, and increased investment and development efforts

at present, more than 20 projects have entered the zone, involving the production and production of printing and packaging, logistics, distribution of books and publications, production of audio-visual products, CD-ROM reproduction and other aspects, with a total investment of 2.4 billion yuan. Among them, Hong Kong Wanyu Group invested 800million yuan on the basis of restructuring Shaanxi printing plant to build Wanyu high-tech cultural industrial park; Xi'an printing center of the people's news agency invested 162million yuan to build a new printing base for books, newspapers and periodicals; The Xi'an logistics center project of China Merchants Group of Hong Kong invested 120million yuan to build a paper and raw material storage and logistics distribution center; Wenzhou hugang Printing Co., Ltd. invested 200million yuan to build anti-counterfeiting printing, high-end food and pharmaceutical packaging and certificate production bases. Shaanxi Shuangjian packaging company is the first enterprise that has been built and put into operation. This enterprise, which mainly provides packaging for dairy enterprises, has prospered through the expansion of production scale

when talking about the construction of the base, yuanxuewu, chairman of Xi'an printing and packaging industry base development company, introduced that the base is promoted by the industrial management departments of Shaanxi Province and Xi'an City, hosted by Xi'an Economic Development Zone, and promoted by the mode of professional company operation relying on the land and preferential policies of the economic development zone. As an independent enterprise, the base development Co., Ltd. cooperates with professional associations and operates in a market-oriented manner. It is specifically responsible for organizing, coordinating, planning and providing supporting services for small and medium-sized enterprises. At present, the construction of the base is shifting from the integration of enterprises in the province to the investment attraction of both inside and outside the province and multinational enterprises

in order to solve the specific problems of high threshold for small and medium-sized enterprises and high unit cost of building production plants alone, Xi'an printing and packaging industry base development Co., Ltd. invested 360million yuan to develop projects for small and medium-sized enterprise plant construction and industrial services. 40000 square meters of small and medium-sized enterprise plants have been attracted investment, and 60000 square meters will be built by the end of the year for small and medium-sized printing and packaging enterprises to purchase or rent

Xi'an printing and packaging industry base, according to the plan, by 2010, the total number of processing and manufacturing enterprises and various service industries in the area with automatic zeroing function will exceed 1000, and the income from technology, industry and trade will be 10billion, which plays a decisive role in the measurement of tension accuracy. By 2015, the base will strive to become the fourth largest printing and packaging industry center in China after the three printing and packaging centers in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai rim, It has become the largest printing and packaging industry base in the central and western regions

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