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Printers: We "print" our own happiness

in a relatively closed and ink flying workshop, there is such a group of people: they are responsible for the last process of printing, their work day and night are reversed, their wages are not high, and they do not have much entertainment time, so their life is relatively monotonous. But when we interviewed them, they all said in unison: we print our own happiness

On November 12, Xiang Zhongxiang was making a light box billboard. Xiang Zhongxiang, 38, came to Taizhou with his wife and children from his hometown Chongqing five years ago. He found a job in an advertising and decoration company and worked for five years. Xiang zhongxiangyuan worked hard as a cement worker on the construction site of his hometown; The money I earn from my job now is a little less than before, but it's relatively easy and there's almost no pressure. At present, Xiang Zhongxiang's wife works as a cleaner in a cleaning company, and his son is also in primary school. The family lives very comfortably in Taizhou

adapted to the living habits of Taizhou

I like the working environment in Taizhou. The people here are hardworking and capable. This is the impression of Zhang Honglin, a young man from Qiyang County, Yongzhou, Hunan Province, on Taizhou. In April this year, he came to Taizhou from his hometown. Now a printing factory is responsible for the transfer and sorting of materials and other printing auxiliary work

I haven't been to Taizhou before. I just heard from fellow villagers that it's easy to find jobs here and the working environment is good, so I came to try my luck. Zhang Honglin, who first arrived in Taizhou, was helpless and acclimatized, but now his life has been integrated with Taizhou

when I first came here, I found a job in a company. I had to work more than 10 hours a day. I didn't say it was hard, and my income was very small. So I changed my job now. In the printing factory, I only work five or six hours, and the work is relatively easy. Zhang Honglin is very satisfied with the printing work he is currently engaged in. Although my working hours are reversed day and night, when most people fall asleep at 11 o'clock every night, my work begins, and I don't get off work until more than 5 o'clock the next morning, but I am now well adapted to this kind of reversed day and night work

Zhang Honglin said that most of the workers in the factory are local people, but he has a good relationship with his colleagues, so he lives happily. Zhang Honglin has long regarded them as relatives because they are often favored and supported by the market with the help of colleagues

although Hunan people like to eat spicy food, Zhang Honglin does not reject Taizhou's diet. He tries to accept some eating methods here. In order to better communicate with people, at present, Zhang Honglin also plans to speak Taizhou dialect

in half a year in Taizhou, young Zhang Honglin learned how to get along with people and adapted to the living habits of Taizhou. He no longer feels strange to this city, because he has begun to regard it as his second hometown

Zhang Honglin cherishes his current work. He said: I'm not afraid of dirt and fatigue, but I'm afraid I can't do well. Obviously, Zhang Honglin regards work as a kind of life, printing and other industries, rather than a simple work task

want to make his home in his second hometown

smiling is Deng kegui's way to welcome. As soon as he stepped into the printing factory, the big boy's shy and happy smile attracted him

Deng kegui is from Nanchong, Sichuan Province. After graduating from high school in 2002, he came to Jiaojiang to work. At that time, my brother was doing bed washing in a factory in Jiaojiang. I didn't find a good job in my hometown, so I came to my brother. After I came to Jiaojiang, I changed several jobs and only came to work in this printing factory in April this year

I learned from chatting that when Deng kegui worked in an electrical appliance factory three years ago, he met Zhou Youhui, a girl from the rooftop. Zhou Youhui's tenderness, carefulness and consideration deeply attracted him, so he boldly expressed his love to her

since Zhou Youhui's home is in Taizhou, and Deng kegui is also very satisfied with his current job, Deng kegui has the idea of setting his home in Taizhou. At the beginning of this year, his parents and sister also came to Taizhou to work. Today, their parents work in a printing and packaging factory in Luqiao, and their brother and sister work in Jiaojiang. The family often get together on holidays to inform each other about their lives and work conditions

Taizhou really doesn't make the mistake of saving energy when the system works. We all have the idea of setting our home here

life is monotonous, but his daughter has brought him happiness

sorry, I'm late. Zhao Weiwei smiled and apologized while explaining to us: my daughter was ill. I sent her to a hospital in Linhai. Now I just came from Linhai and haven't slept since last night

when I saw Zhao Weiwei in the conference room on the third floor of a printing factory in Jiaojiang, I was startled by his deep dark circles

Zhao Weiwei's daughter has just turned one year old. She caught a cold half a month ago, and she didn't get better after hanging up for half a month, so he sent her to hospital today. Speaking of his daughter's hospitalization, Zhao Weiwei looked distressed

Zhao Weiwei's child lives in Linhai, and he can only see her once a week. The work and life here are very monotonous. Our work is very simple, that is, we have been doing the work of sorting out printed matter and receiving paper repeatedly. Go to work in the evening, get off work in the early morning of the next day, go to bed after coming home, and get up again until more than two o'clock in the afternoon to do chores. You can almost go to work again. Therefore, there is no place and time to have fun and play

life is so simple, but Zhao Weiwei still said that he is very open to rubber tensile testing machine because of the elastic deformation of rubber. Colleagues are very easy to get along with, the working environment is also good, the income of this job is relatively stable, I have nothing to worry about

Zhao Weiwei's happiness naturally comes from his daughter: her daughter changes a lot every week. Every time I go home, seeing her grow up a little, I feel very happy. Even if I have trouble, it is diluted by her

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