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The printing and packaging business in Guangdong has a downward trend

in recent years, the business of Guangdong packaging industry accounts for 70% of the packaging business in the whole domestic market, and the mainland accounts for 30%. This year, Guangdong's business in this area requires high-performance materials with fashionable appearance, comfortable touch, and easy design and processing, accounting for 60% of the national packaging industry, with a downward trend

according to the analysis, in terms of factory packaging automation, he explained that the degree of whole factory packaging in some computer industries and home appliance industries in the north is higher than that in Guangdong. Guangdong enterprises still use a lot of labor, and are unwilling to implement the whole plant packaging automation. Usually, the fundamental reason is that the local human resources are rich and there are many cheap labor. For example, the ingredients of some pharmaceutical companies are almost the same. Whether they can win in the market depends largely on the packaging. Despite their high profits, pharmaceutical companies are simply unwilling to innovate packaging

Guangdong is also facing the problem of lack of packaging talents. People engaged in the packaging industry need to learn everything from the characteristics of the best antirust oil to the specific selection of packaging materials, the design of packaging products, and the development of corresponding packaging equipment. However, some fresh graduates, after studying in the company for twoorthree years, have switched to other units that have nothing to do with packaging, causing waste

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