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The year 2006 is the first year of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" development plan, and the indisputable fact that the profits of the global printing industry have decreased year by year during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period makes the insiders coincidentally think about the urgent problem of "finding new ways to make profits for printing". This shows that the printing and packaging industry has entered a micro profit period

causes and manifestations of the arrival of the era of micro profits in the printing and packaging industry five years ago, the high profits of the printing and packaging industry have become the yellow flower of the past, and they are no longer infatuated with it. We have seen more about the fact that the profits of the industry have fallen sharply in recent years, and tasted the bitterness and hardship of running an enterprise in the era of micro profits. The reasons for the formation of low profits in the printing and packaging industry are as follows:

1. The sharp rise in the costs of raw and auxiliary materials, energy, transportation and so on. Now, compared with five years ago, although there is no big increase in paper, ink and other materials, the increase in chemical raw materials has exceeded 100%, the increase in fuel oil has exceeded 50%, and the transportation cost has actually increased by 30% due to restrictions on overloading. These uses, such as bathtubs and basins, are increasing at a rate of more than 12% in recent years

2. The increase of various expenses. First, under the condition that the sales volume remains basically stable, the tax revenue increases year by year. According to the comparative data, the total increase rate of tax revenue is more than 10%; Second, the salary expenditure of employees has increased year by year, with a per capita salary increase of more than 20% compared with five years ago; Third, what is the system structure of the society metal material experimental machine? Do you know it? Today, StarTech will take you to know that the social security system is sound, and employees are provided with endowment insurance, medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, etc., which is not a small amount of social security funds; Fourth, the social commitment of enterprises has increased, especially large-scale enterprises have set an example and made contributions in this regard. People gather firewood and the flame is high

3. Investment in technological transformation funds. In order to meet the market demand and produce high-quality products, enterprises have invested in large-scale technological transformation. According to incomplete statistics, during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, Cangnan printing and packaging enterprises imported more than 300 printing and packaging equipment, including international advanced printing equipment of millions and tens of millions of yuan

4. Sharp decline in processing costs. In sharp contrast, printing processing costs did not rise but fell, and the decline was amazing. Compared with five years ago, the original opening fee for the folio is 1200 yuan, but now it is only 850 yuan, two-thirds of the original; Unit processing fees also fell by about 40%

what is the profit rate in the era of micro profit? The profit rates obtained from various statistical caliber are different. For Huatai printing industry, the profit rate in 2005 alone was only 2.9% of the total sales

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