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Print Expo 2007 exhibition recruitment work is in full swing

since the print Expo 2007 exhibition recruitment work has been fully launched, manufacturers at home and abroad have signed up enthusiastically. So far, more than 80 international exhibitors such as Mitsubishi, Komori, Fuji starlight, Epson, Siemens, Konica Minolta, ESCO, HP, EFI, app, and Dijia have signed up for the exhibition. Beiren group, Shanghai Electric, Lianping coal Guoneng can be described as ambitious group, Baochi group, Wutai Group, Zhongde group, Huaguang precision industry, Yingkou Sanxin, Qingdao Ruipu, Weifang China Eastern Airlines, Kelei, Wande More than 100 domestic manufacturers such as hongtaixiang also actively booked booths, and the organizer expected the entire exhibition area to reach 50000 square meters

as the exhibition recruitment work comes to an end, the audience organization work of print Expo 2007 has begun. Pete tillin, engineering polymer product manager of print Expo 2007 Sino British distribution company, said: "They will replace the more traditional EPDM rubber as the sealing material. The website will be fully updated and opened. The organizer will launch some new services to better serve exhibitors and domestic and foreign visitors. Since the opening of the new website, it has received widespread attention, and the click through rate of the website has soared.

now, the pre registration function of visitors has been provided on the official website of the exhibition, and the organizer will launch a lucky draw to encourage visitors to pre register. Pre registered visitors You can get the login form. With the printed login form, you can exchange the admission certificate of the audience at the designated window opened by the ticket center of the exhibition for the login audience

at the same time, the pre registered visitors will receive the exhibition progress, highlights, exhibitor information, booth map, concurrent activity plan and on-site audience service introduction by email or fax from the organizing committee

in addition, the organizer will regularly analyze the geographical source location, industry departments and interested products of the pre registered audience data to improve the audience organization plan in real time

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