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The printing and packaging industry occupies an important position in China's economic development

the printing and packaging industry plays a very important role in China's economic construction and development, especially in the education industry and commodity publicity and circulation. From the rotation angle of the linear stepping motor of books, newspapers and periodicals, it will produce a certain linear displacement, from commodity packaging to small self-adhesive trademarks and stickers, which are inseparable from the contribution of the printing industry

Wharton Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wharton) is a printing enterprise rooted in China with international vision and grand vision. It is mainly engaged in the production of self-adhesive trademarks/stickers, color stickers/trademarks, PC, pet, acrylic, Al nameplate films. The smoothness is mainly achieved by adding smooth agents, computer bar codes, insulating material molding, precision printing, instructions, etc. The company actively participates in the development of China's printing and packaging industry in the spirit of concentration, dedication and professionalism, is customer-oriented, meets the effective needs of customers, and is committed to creating greater value for customers. The company has a factory area of 5000 square meters, advanced printing production equipment, high-quality 10000 class dust-free workshop. The company has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, as well as the synchronous operation of the EU ROHS environmental system, providing a continuous and powerful guarantee for customer satisfaction

in recent years, printing enterprises have paid more and more attention to how to use new technologies to improve printing efficiency, reduce material consumption and labor consumption, and achieve economical printing. While actively introducing new equipment and technology, Wharton is also constantly exploring ways to reduce raw material consumption. After investigation, Walton found that ERP management software has become an important auxiliary tool for the transformation to economical printing

after careful comparison of ERP management software at home and abroad, combined with the management needs of various departments within the enterprise, Wharton finally chose zhenghang software as its partner in the transformation to economical printing. The subsequent ERP online operation also fully confirmed that Wharton's choice was wise at the beginning

first of all, because the printing content and specifications are designed according to customer requirements, printing products are not universal, resulting in a large variety of finished products and a large variety of corresponding raw materials. However, there are n kinds of different specifications of paper materials in the warehouse; The products of different specifications in the same kind of paper have the condition of circular substitution. Through the inventory management of zhenghang ERP, the real-time status of raw materials in and out of each specification can be recorded in detail. In addition, through the analysis of the over picking order when picking, we can also analyze the reasons for over picking and make corresponding improvements to reduce the waste of raw materials. This bid farewell to the past confused account of raw material consumption, and the material tracking is clear

second, printing on demand and timely delivery are one of Wharton's goals to serve customers. Through the order management of zhenghang ERP, work orders can be automatically generated, which can effectively prevent mistakes and fraud while reducing the workload of the issuer's staff. Realize the pre scheduling of orders, automatically calculate the feasible delivery date, dynamically master the progress and completion of orders, and maintain good feedback to customers

third, it is difficult to calculate the consumption and cost of raw materials. The cost management of zhenghang ERP can clearly reflect the classification and statistics of various costs such as direct materials, direct labor, packaging and transportation. At the same time, the standard cost and the actual cost are compared and analyzed from multiple angles to reasonably evaluate the product cost

fourth, before implementing the ERP system, we need to understand the relevant information of the product. We have developed static tension and compression, static change, high-frequency tension and compression fatigue, and cross department demand at low interest rates, which is not only time-consuming but also laborious. Through the integrated storage of the information of each department, zhenghang ERP realizes the real-time and effective flow of information across departments, saves the time of information acquisition, and improves personnel efficiency

the better the cooperation between printing process, printing materials, operators, technology and management tools, the higher the efficiency of printing enterprises RB ⑶ flip frame, and the corresponding lower the cost. In combination with zhenghang ERP management system, Wharton has established standardized operation specifications for all printing production links to ensure the realization of various environmental protection goals. At the same time, through the improvement of operation efficiency and reliability, it has also reduced energy consumption, material consumption and human consumption, improved the environmental protection value and added value of products, and created good conditions for Wharton's sustainable development, Become the best partner in the customer supply chain with the attitude of saving printing enterprises

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