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Printers are keen on the value-added function of cold pressing

Roland inlinefoiler prindor online cold pressing device is widely used and impressive

on August 13, 2007 (Germany), the online value-added printing function of cold pressing is becoming more and more popular, which is not surprising. Experienced users concluded that the single roll or multi roll inlinefolder prindor online ironing device helped them make a lot of profits

many printing companies increasingly like the online cold pressing value-added printing function composed of Roland 700 hiprint and inlinefolder prindor online cold pressing device. As part of Manroland's value-added printing concept, users greatly appreciate this value-added method of combining cold press transfer printing with a sheet fed printing depth of not less than 30cm. Printing companies are printing a wide range of printed materials such as greeting cards, labels and high-end commercial printing with inlinefolder prindor online cold pressing device. This new process is also popular in the field of high-quality folding carton manufacturing. These manufacturers are looking for new and more economical value-added methods of hot stamping. In addition to the single foil roll method, you can often get orders for multi foil roll models that can hot stamp five foil rolls of different widths together

leuisman printing company: significantly improve production capacity

leuisman printing company is one of the members of RLC packaging group. In the fourth quarter of 2006, it installed Roland 700 hiprint printing machine in its factory in Hannover, Germany. With eight printing units, two glazing units and multi foil coils, Inl Xinlun technology terminated the acquisition of water new materials nbsp; The entry into the modified plastic industry is blocked by inefoiler prindor's online cold pressing device. This packaging group has more than 500 employees in different positions, with annual sales of about 80million euros. Leuisman specializes in the production of advanced packaging for health products and cosmetics. This company with a long history is now recognized as the innovator of value-added printing. It mainly uses the inline foil prindor online cold pressing device of single foil roll to transfer field and fine foil elements on paper, and then overprint 6-color UV ink and polish twice

hans Christian bestehorn, chairman of leuisman, believes that packaging designers and advertising agents have not fully realized the new process of transferring very small foil elements and overprinting them with new technology. He was not satisfied with the application method currently required by his customers. He summarized the benefits of this process and said: the new printing machine equipped with inlinefolder prindor online cold pressing device greatly improved our production capacity, because we saved an offline process. One of the best is that the overprint of online hot stamping is very accurate. Of course, we have also increased our design categories. The image produced by overprinting on metal foil was previously impossible to achieve

k+d company: most of them use four foil rolls at a time

k+d company in Switzerland also specializes in making folding cartons. The family business has two production sites, one in Bern and one in St Gallen, with a total of more than 80 employees. K+d company mainly serves users in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. In 2004, this enterprise was the first European packaging and printing factory to accept ISO 15378 good manufacturing practice certification for the packaging and production of traditional Chinese medicine. They installed a Roland 700 hiprint printing machine in St. Gallen, including a six color printing unit, two glazing units and a multi foil roll inlinefoil prindor online cold pressing device. Inlinefoil prindor online cold ironing device can sometimes use 5 foil rolls, but most of the time it uses 4. In fact, they are all multi foil roll operations, and occasionally single foil roll transfer

Stefan Kuhn, the representative of the supervisory board of k+d company, saw the important advantage that the multi roll operation can save the cost of foil. In this way, different quantities and widths of foils can be used. In addition, this new online value-added method can effectively eliminate burrs after all, bringing us endless possibilities: we can transfer polyamide (PA) in a fine element or field way. Because of its unique low specific gravity, high tensile strength, wear resistance, good self lubrication, excellent impact toughness, and rigid and flexible properties, metal foil has won people's attention; We can overprint 4 colors and Pantone colors, or use gradient dots to overprint foil. He introduced some value-added applications. Interestingly, users' comments on gloss are very different. Some people prefer hot stamping to achieve dazzling luster, while others prefer cold stamping with somewhat matte effect. Stefan Kuhn summarized the advantages of k+d company in recent months: with the inlinefolder prindor online cold pressing device, we partially replaced hot stamping with cold pressing, and we got new customers through a new application method

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