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Sany group builds high-quality concrete prefabricated housing parts

Sany group builds high-quality concrete prefabricated housing parts

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build a house like a car and buy a house like a supermarket. With the advent of concrete prefabricated parts (PC), such a construction method has been realized. The author learned from Sany group that the company officially entered the PC equipment industry

seize the opportunity to enter the PC equipment industry

"Professor Xu Hong, the general director of the project and Dean of the school of food and light industry of Nanjing University of technology, said that housing industrialization has been proposed for many years, and it has turned building houses into a standard and fast" building block game ": make" housing parts "such as wallboards, floors, terraces and even stairs in the factory, and then transport them to the site for construction. This new construction method will increase the construction progress by more than 30%, greatly reduce the construction cost, and prolong the life cycle of the house

with the continuous improvement of social productivity, housing construction is bound to take the road of integrated conservation, green, low-carbon and industrial efficiency. This year, the concept of "green building" has been constantly raised, and the development of housing industrialization in China is at a turning point. It is necessary to save energy and resources in the construction field and promote energy conservation and emission reduction through the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry

the emergence of concrete precast units has rooted the industrialization of housing and become the development direction of the construction industry in the future. Therefore, Sany resolutely entered the PC equipment industry to create a complete set of high-quality concrete prefabricated equipment

customize the first PC equipment production line

Sany's involvement in the PC equipment industry stems from an encounter between Tang Xiuguo, President of Sany group, and Hong Jiantuan, chairman of Jianchao group

Jianchao group is the first construction industrialization enterprise in Fujian Province to transform from traditional construction industry to "new PC project", and is a very powerful "green building" industry pioneer in China. At the 2013 BMW construction machinery exhibition in Germany, Tang Xiuguo and Hong Jiantuan were at first sight and believed that China's housing industrialization was an irreversible revolution in the construction industry. Jianchao group is interested in the strong production strength of Sany's "world-class factory", and sany is also optimistic about the broad market of China's PC equipment industry in the future. The two sides decided to unite and cooperate closely

in this way, Sany has customized the first set of PC automatic flow production line for Jianchao group. This production line not only integrates the concept of non-toxic and efficient foreign efficient flow operation, but also carries out performance transformation in combination with China's national conditions. At the beginning of this year, this set of automated production line officially went offline

the production line adopts the advanced technology and equipment of Sany world-class factory, adopts the circular production mode, and processes raw materials such as reinforcement, concrete, sand and gravel into high-quality and environmental friendly concrete prefabricated parts with standardized equipment processing and professional production stations. The production line includes more than ten production processes, such as mold table cleaning, line drawing, edge mold installation, etc., which can be operated by automatic and manual control methods

according to the introduction, Sany PC prefabrication production line is designed to run at a pace of 10 to 15 minutes, which has the characteristics of high productivity and high efficiency. The maximum annual output can reach more than 36000 formworks, equivalent to about 80000 cubic meters of concrete precast units

create a one-stop overall solution

high quality hardware equipment is a strong guarantee for the production and transportation of PC prefabricated parts. Sany's strength in software services can not be underestimated. As long as customers buy products, Sany will provide them with the domestic first PC prefabricated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management system. The chain reaction caused by overload starts from the customer signing the sales contract to the completion of PC prefabricated parts delivery. ERP system will provide information process services such as marketing, production planning, warehousing and shipping, system management and report management, and all consumables related to PC production are connected with finance, providing basic data for Finance and effectively controlling cost management

Sany also provides customers with pre-sales and after-sales services such as project consultation, construction planning, process design, project site selection, and subsequent training, so as to create a one-stop overall solution. At present, Sany PC prefabrication equipment has been popularized and applied in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Anhui, Shaanxi, Henan and other provinces, and the market response is good

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