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Sany group and Xinjiang Guanghui energy have reached a preliminary intention of cooperation

Sany group and Xinjiang Guanghui energy have reached a preliminary intention of cooperation

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on August 8, the deputy general manager of Sany group did not have a brief research on the experimental machine on August 7. Lu Zhen, the manager of the slight rise in the scrap market and the general manager of Sany natural gas project, and Du Yinhe, the director of equipment manufacturing, visited Xinjiang Guanghui industrial investment (Group) Co., Ltd, We had a discussion with Guanghui energy on relevant businesses in the natural gas sector and reached a preliminary intention of cooperation

During the discussion, Lu Zhen introduced the characteristics of the lead screw of the 1984 hydraulic universal testing machine of Sany group, and introduced the achievements made in the field of equipment manufacturing with construction machinery as the main body since its establishment in. At present, it has become the largest construction machinery manufacturer in China, the fifth largest in the world, and the largest concrete machinery manufacturer in China. At the same time, he said that Guanghui enterprise has developed rapidly and has strong strength. Its achievements are shocking, and it deserves to become the "leader" of the energy industry. In particular, it has accumulated a lot of experience in the natural gas industry, which is worth learning from Sany enterprises. He hoped that the two sides can strengthen cooperation, especially in the fields of machinery and equipment, and take the first step of long-term cooperation. Jiang Shuan, assistant general manager of Guanghui energy and general manager of clean energy company, introduced the development concept and industrial scope of Guanghui enterprise, the development process of energy industry, the current situation of natural gas sector and other relevant situations. He expressed his great hope that the two sides can cooperate, constantly expand areas of cooperation, and achieve win-win results through complementary advantages. The two sides also conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges from the aspects of cooperation mode, preliminary preparation, station construction environment, etc. Before the negotiation and exchange, Lu Zhen and his party watched the promotional film of Guanghui group and Guanghui energy development, which he very much expected chemical enterprises to achieve breakthroughs in these technologies. Ding Jianhui, Jiang Shuan, Shang Jie, Guo Jianqun, chairman of machinery industry group, and the person in charge of Guangxi low temperature company attended the negotiation and exchange

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